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Child Safety Cabinet Latches

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Am I the only one? I had to install child safety latches on the cabinets today. Seems that my little Gracie has figured out how to open the cabinet doors. I just don't believe it. Also caught her try to teach George how to do it. Next, she will probably figure out how to turn on the faucet.
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I don't have that problem. But when I was little we had a cat tha was always in the cabinets!!!
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It's really amazing how smart they are. My latest Wawa figured out the use of door knobs. He's always watching me and I guess learning a lot in the process.
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Yep, Max did that. He opened the drawers in the bathroom too and took out things he wanted to see. The problem is once they learn it, they never forget.
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I have latches on one kitchen drawer and one bathroom drawer. Its OK, that Rowdy can open the bathroom cupboard, as there is nothing in there, for her to get hurt with.

Rowdy is also able to open the cabinet, under the TV. She wraps her paws around the pull knobs, opens the cabinet and shreds the phone book. We keep an old one on top, just for her.
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What a clever plan!
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Our Toby CAN turn on the water faucets! Hubby had to make wooden thingies that set in the bottom of the sink at one end and have holes cut in the other end that fit over the knobs. (We only use these when we are going to be gone or whenever the cats are alone in the house....we came home to the hot water running onetime!!!)
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Yes, some of ours can open cabinets. The phone books and cat food are kept in one cabinet, and that's generally the one they go for. Though I'm not sure why, as they can't get to the cat food; I keep it in a Tupperware container.

When I was 18 or so, I lived with one of my older brothers, Matt. He had a weimaraner. Thunder was quite the Houdini and ate all kinds of stuff he wasn't supposed to. Matt's kitchen cabinets didn't have handles; you pushed them in and they "sprung" out. One day I was home alone with Thunder, and some friends dropped by. I went outside for five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. When I came back in, one of the top cabinets was open, and he had the jar of peanut butter out and opened (ripped the lid off with his teeth, I guess) with his face buried in it, and a bag of Cheerios ready to go for when he finished off the peanut butter.
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yeah, sprocket was terrible for getting into things - of course though I had Alex too, so the child safety latches were a must anyway!!
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We even had to get a special handle put on our freezer - Jamie kept opening it, and, of course, leaving it open.
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No - I have persians, duh!
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