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Obssessive Need for Constant attention

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I have two cats whom I have had since they were kittens. A 13 year old male siamese and an 8 year old female medium hair Black mix named Baby. Just like her name, Baby is just that, hence the name. I have had cats all my life and never have I seen a cat with such an obssessive need for constant attention...and she only seems to want it from me. In true cat-like fashion, she almost always chooses the wrong time...like when I'm tying my shoes in a hurry for work..or on the computer working...or trying to eat. I wouldn't mind if she would sit next to me or sit on me and be still. But she gets so excited to be on my lap that she turns all around. Many times, she has caused me to spill drinks because of her constant moving. And it doesn't work for me to set aside "mommy and Baby" time for her. When her 10-15 minutes are up, she'll only want more. She will jump on my lap twenty times in a row (literally) before I'll lock her out of my room because I'm working on the computer. I try not to get cross with her and often end up with her on my lap at an inconvenient time because I'm tired of fighting her. She gets way more attention than my other cat (who doesn't seem to mind) and I am at my wit's end. I often wonder if her obssessive attachment to me stems from the fact that she was abandoned on the street at 3 weeks of age and I was her first "mom". She is rather attached to me and is generally stand-offish with others. She still kneads and nurses on my clothing and drools while doing so or when anticipating a good petting. Is there anything I can do to curb her constant demands for attention? And speak of the devil, here she is now!
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You can either keep giving in to her, or you can give her tough love and lock her out of your room when you are busy with work or whatever. Start paying attention to her when she isn't clamoring for you to do so. When she is so needy, giving in just creates a spoiled cat and a tired owner. All of my cats are rescued, but they know that if I am busy I am off limits. I do have one cat that insists on being on my lap while I am on the computer, but I keep just putting prowler down on the ground repeatedly, She will get the hint soon enough.
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That's the problem...whether I'm giving her attention because she demands it or whether I give it to her when she isn't asking, (which is rare) she still always wants more. I don't know why she is so needy. I'm afraid I'm making her insecurity worse by constantly pushing her away but I don't know what else to do.
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I have a needy cat too. I've had Rocky since he was a kitten- I'm not sure how old he was, he was the last in his litter to have a home- was still with his mom. I'm guessing he was between 10-14 weeks. He used to suckle, now he licks- me and the other cats. He's also been sick a lot, and of course i take care of him. If you go outside on the porch- he whines. If you are in a room he can't get in- he whines. Lately, when I'm in the kitchen loading the dishwasher or something, he has been doing the pitiful meow thing. I have been either saying What?, what? or giving him some pets for a few minutes. I am trying not to give him treats to shut him up b/c he's already chubby. I always remind myself that it is flattering, though its annoying when you are trying to go to work, do something else, or you just paid a whole bunch of attention to him.
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Hey, we may have a cat from the same litter. (joking) Simba, my boy, was overwhelmingly irritating when I first got him 2 years ago. He has enormous claws, so refusal of lap could result in some serious, tho accidental scarring. It can be irritating. We compromised. I learned to like it, and he?? Um-well-I learned to like it. The new kitten eases things up a bit, but not much. I have a cat bed on my bed, for him to go to when I roll over, otherwise it's on me all the time. I trip over him constantly in the house too.

He power kneads. I have had some success with constantly repositioning his claws to less tender areas, and if desperate (like trying to sleep) will hold on to front paws and that helps too. Locking him out causes him to yowl, and he will stick both paws under space in door and rattle the crap out of it. (also shoves UP cracked windows to escape)

Good luck-I'm amazed you've had her for 8 years and still think it's abnormal...it only took me 2 to give in.
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