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Does anyone know why cats churp when they see an insect?
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both my boys do this when they see an insect or a bird outside.
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my sara always did that when she saw a bird!! my mickie does more of a chatter.
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I'm unsure of why they do it, but it seems that all cats do - Maybe as a signal to other cats around that they are hunting something and not to go for it??
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Found this explanation of "cat chatter":

When a cat kills prey, it bites down quickly several times. The "chatter" is simulating the cat's behavior at the time of attack.
Alternatively, it's pure and simple frustration. When a cat is stalking or killing a bird, they're almost invariably completely silent. It's when they are shut off from the prey that they chatter.
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Alfie does this when we play with the laser. He'll chase it around like a loon, but if I shine it up too high for him to reach he'll just gaze at it and chatter
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I think they just "chatter" to imitate the birds and fool them into thinking that`s what they are! (Just kidding!)
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