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Peeing in shoes???

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Has this every happened to anyone??
We suspect Ox your 16 1/2 yr old senior.
His usual sleep spot is in the kitchen where this has now occured twice in one week!! This is the only room that this has happened in.
The 1st time was on one of my bedroom slippers and sometime last night/this morning on one of Neil's athletic shoes. We normally do not keep shoes in the kitchen.
He usuallly uses the great outdoors as his litter box butl sometime end of September was going outside daily but then he seemed scared to go outside-its gotten a bit better lately. I'm wondering if he is having memory problems-except he does remind me every morning about his moist food "treat"!!
His vet checkup in mid August was good.
My only option would be to confine him at night in the garage as all the litter boxes are in the basement. I've had one in the family room but no one ever used it. There is no place in the kitchen where I could tactfully put one.
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Take him back to the vet and ask for a senior panel, you are likely to find something wrong when the results come back.
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It may be the only way he knows of to let you know that something is physically wrong. That's what happened with a male cat I had right around when he turned 16, had the senior panel done by the vet and they found out he had thyroid problems and a number of other problems - a year earlier, a different vet diagnosed pancreatitis and FUS without a senior panel. After the new vet did the senior panel, found out he never had pancreatitis or FUS.

Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, I know my elder cat misses him terribly.

Good luck!
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