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Water water everywhere...

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Ok, so... weird problem.

Ever since I brought my most recent cat addition home, she's had a drinking problem. If I give her water, she'll stick her foot in it to see where the water level is and then start drinking. Ok, I've seen that before. But she takes it one step further. She'll put her foot in the dish, then shake her foot off, effectively spraying water everywhere... then it's like she gets mad at the water for making her foot wet and she attacks the water in the dish pouncing in it and almost swimming in it like she needs to get all of the water out of the dish. It turns my floor into Lake Carpet or Lake Linoleum depending on where the dish is. I've tried different bowls, different water levels... you name it, its always the same.

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I had to stop using a self waterer because my cat max thought it was great fun to knock the whole thing over and spill 1/2 a gallon of water on my carpet. He still has a fascination with water and I have caught him standing in his water dish. He isnt afraid of water and loves to play in it. very strange. So I sympathize with your problem but unfor. have not advice.
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put the bowls on layers of absorbent materials (old towels, puppy pads, whatever you have that will soak up the water) and wait for the cat to outgrow it
thats all i have, sorry!!

what are you using, BTW? stainless steel is great- if you have or can get a heavy stainless steel pot, that cannot be tipped over, that might help
i use a big soup pot (also called a dutch oven) for my cats. they love it because they do not need to bend so far to reach the water, the water level is up high.

i am the only idiot that ever tips that over! when i forget where i have put it, and walk into it LOL
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Blaze also sticks her front paw into her water........I thought that was odd as I've never had an inside kitty before.
Hmmmmmmmm.......maybe get a heavier water bowl and place it on towels with a plastic carpet runner underneath it Sorry I'm not of more help.
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