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Computer Question

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Hey computer savvy folk.

I went to load a recipe from my floppy and it says that it isn't formated and it can't read the information!!! Is there anyway to salvage my information on the disk or have I lost all my recipes??

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Can you format the disk? It's been so long since I worked with Floppy's, but I do know you have to format the disk, but I think you have to format it, BEFORE you put the information on it.
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I formatted the disk along time ago before I put anything on it. Now I have a ton of recipes on the disk. I just used it last week and now the computer won't read it.
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can you select a different program to open it with? What kind of file does it say it is that it cannot open?
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Microsoft word... but I can't open the a drive at all
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Best thing would be to try and read the disk on another computer.
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probably a stupid question, but did you go to "run" off the start menu and try it from there?
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Okay, thanks Tania. I'll take the disk with me to work tomorrow.

I guess I'll have to start putting all the recipes on a cd from now on.

Or get a inexpensive thumb drive....

Or find my zip...
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Originally Posted by pjk5900
probably a stupid question, but did you go to "run" off the start menu and try it from there?
yeah.... nothing
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Try Norton System Works. Use it to scan the disk to determine if there is any error. Anyway try this product if there is something wrong with the disk:
"BadCopy Pro can recover data from floppy disks that Microsoft Windows identifies as "not formatted", "not accessible", or prompts you to format."

Just use a thumb drive. It is SOOO cheap nowadays that it has become a corporate gift. I have been to press conference for launch of certain financial products where they gave out thumb drive as a door gift.
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Oh dear. I can't recover the information unless I buy the program!!! I can only scan my disk with the trial version. BUMMER!!!
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I have a sony mavica so, I use a bit of floppies. Had an episode about a year ago where the A drive wanted to format every disc I put in it. For me I took the drive apart and cleaned it. I would suggest trying the disc in another computer and make sure whether it is the disc or the drive.
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another floppy worked fine...

I just have to remember to take my disk in to work!! LOL
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