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New member and a new cat

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Hi there!

Long time furkid mom, new to the forums. In the past I've been a mom to 6 cats and a dalmatian and a foster mom to 20 cats. I now live in Florida with two lab mix pups and a recent accidental cat addition.

I guess you could say my house has always been a zoo

So the newest cat is the main reason I've come on this site. After the experience I've had, she's thrown me for a few loops. She found me while I was sitting on a bench on the side of a street, a full grown adult female tabby weighing in at a whopping 3.5lbs. Being that I was on vacation out of state at the time, I tried to do what I thought was right and get her into a no kill shelter. Well one shelter was full, so I took her to another that had a 90% no kill rate... at this point figuring it was better than leaving her on the street to starve. Well while I was talking to the guy who ran the shelter about leaving her there, saying I'd pay for all her food and vet care and whatnot, she peed on me. As corny as this sounds, I figured it was her way of telling me she just did not want to be there. Well luck was in her favor because the manager told me they couldn't take in any more cats until friday because there was some cat disease going around (I forget which one) and they had to medicate and quarantine the cats before they could take any more. This was tuesday. I told him I was taking a plane home on wednesday and I needed to put her somewhere... the manager snottily told me "well you should have thought about this earlier now shouldn't you". As if I had that option. She found me at 11pm on monday.

To make a long story short, I borrowed a cat carrier, paid the $50 plane fee and took her as carry on luggage home. So far she's been in a train, a subway, a plane and a few cars... never so much as meowed once. I've finally gotten her up to a normal weight. She's had all her tests and is in perfect health. Didn't get vaccinated yet because we're still up in the air on whether or not she's pregnant. Doc gave me the option of spending a few hundred on a sonogram or just waiting it out, I chose to wait it out. But not worried. If she is pregnant, the kittens will go to good homes... and if I have more kittens than I do homes, they can always stay with me.

While I don't know her back story, based on her age, the fact that she was early in her pregnancy (if she is pregnant) when I found her and how she acts, I think she was someone's house cat and got kicked out of the house when she went into her first heat. But... that's just a guess. And she's a fully indoor cat now.

So now that I've told you all my life story , this cat has been a challenge to me because shes presented some things I've never had to deal with before. So, that's why I'm here... to offer my past experience, and to get more insight into my new found friend.
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Welcome to you and your lovely zoo!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Hello and welcome, how wonderful of you to bring this poor kitty to your loving home...Congrats.
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Hello it's nice to meet you!!

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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message or contact me anytime at!

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Wow, what a great intro story!! Planes, trains & automobiles! You are really a SUPER- DUPER, GUARDIAN ANGEL for cats! I look forward to seeing your posts in the forums - all that experience is like getting a new library!! susan
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wow!! what a story!! what an amazingly lucky kitty this one is and you - yes you are an angel. I do not know many people who would go to such an effort to save the little one you wouldnt believe how much I admire people like you - thankyou!

you didnt mention her name? I am so pleased you joined us here and I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

Welcome to TCS
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Hi there!!
Welcome to TCS!
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What an angel you are. Hope you stay around and join in our forums and keep us up to date on your new kitty.
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Ooh sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been going nutty over here with sick puppies. Between an ear infection and impacted anal glands, I've had my hands full over here

But everyone's healthy and happy now and that's what counts.

So, oops I forgot to mention her name. I'm calling her Tryon because I found her in Fort Tryon Park in NYC. Turns out, she's not pregnant - and can I just say thank god! Don't get me wrong, the kittens would have only been placed in wonderful homes (most of my family was lined up to take them), but it's just so much easier for everyone that she turned out not to be pregnant. I'll bring her in for vaccines in January... figured I'd wait until after the holiday madness. She's an only cat right now, is fully indoor and my dogs are completely vaccinated, so I figure I have a few weeks to play with.

She's really come out of her shell and has turned into quite the playful kitty. Perhaps too playful - she liks to bearhug my head and chew on my hair... which, ok, I'm used to from my previous cats... but not so much fun at 4am

I don't have good pictures of her right now because she's still afraid of the camera and runs when she sees it but this is a picture of where she found me... luckily since I was on vacation I had my camera with me. Good thing too because all I could think was "no one is going to believe this... this is just too out there" and now I have proof The stone is the wall surrounding Fort Tryon Park and she was on top of it. The bench I was sitting on was against the wall.

You can't really tell from the picture, but she's a grey tabby with almost apricot coloring... and her belly is fully apricot with black spots... almost looks like leopard spots. She looks big in the picture because she's crouching, but when she jumped down onto the bench with me I pet her and could feel every bone in her body. She's a healthy 8-9lbs now. She's a DSH... probably around a year old.

So thanks for the welcome and your wonderful comments! I guess I always did feel like a guardian for all animals... I'm one of those who figure they can't speak, but still need a voice. Might as well be mine
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Awww bless your heart for taking in the sweetheart!!!!! I love this story!!!!!! I would love to see a pic of her Welcome to TCS!

EDIT: Once again I am reading a thread to late LOL I see you posted a pic of her she is gorgeous!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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awwwwww I love this story as well - thankyou for sharing a photo of the little darlin with us
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Hi welcome to the site.
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