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I have 3 cats (was 4- see thread on "Divorce took one of my cats") and one of them (Beau- altered 3 1/2 year old male) mounts each of the other 2 cats and displays jealousy whenever one of the other cats is even close to getting attention. He comes into the room and "yells" a meow at the other cat and if the other cat doesn't walk away, he attempts to either drag the "offender" away by the scruff of the neck or he mounts the "offender".

If the "offender" walks away, Beau walks out of the room as well (as though he just wanted to make sure that if he isn't getting attention, then no one else will either). This isn't all the time, and he sleeps, grooms, eats, shares litterboxes etc with the other 2 with no problem.

Am I alone in seeing this? Is this a dominance problem? He doesn't spray or anything, nor does he inflict damage to furniture. He isn't agressive at all toward people- in fact he is extremely social.

Any ideas?
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I have done some research on sexual behavior but I havn't been able to find anything that points to a dominance issue. I know dogs will do this to display dominance. Everything I have read has pointed to sexual behavior in cats. Mounting once neutered is fairly common. It has to do with the amount of hormones they received while developing in their mothers.
Scruffing however is a females instinct to control thier children for behavior as well as saftey issues. It is very possible that you male cat was born with less testosterone or none at all.I would imagine he feels as if he is the "mother hen" of the house. From reading, it sounds like it's all pretty harmless and they are happy.
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