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We'll be waiting to hear how Willow makes out. Sounds like she is coming around but slowly. Keep up the good work and if she needs you to sit with her in order for her to eat - pull up a seat and hang around.
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Originally Posted by MarshaB
Hi there. This is Marsha's husband. First of all, let me say THANKS to all of you involved in this website. It has been a huge help in giving us options and the links to great information.

It's been a stressful time over the past few weeks. The situation with Willow has improved. Since her return from the vet the 3rd time, she has been eating somewhat. We've tried over 13 different dry foods, and treats, and baby food, and everything else everyone suggested. What a challenge!

Now we've found dried kibble treats that she goes to the cupboard for. We give her 5 to 10 each time. Is there anything wrong with that?
We also give her a sardine tuna moist pate daily that she licks partially dry.
And we finally found a dry food that she will eat at least 1/4 cup a day.
That is a HUGE improvement from 2 weeks ago.

She used to eat a combo of 3-4 different dry foods continuously before. Over 1/2 cup a day. She has gained some weight but is still thin.

She comes to bug me in my home office and then I will follow her to her food bowl. If I sit with her, pet her and encourage her, she seems to eat longer than if I am not around. Why is that?

We are taking her to the Vet this week for another blood test to compare from 2 weeks ago. Here's hoping.

I used to own a wonderful, smart German Shepherd. Having a cute cat was a real switch. It's my wife's cat, but even I have become VERY attached. Hopefully this will all work out. It's been an experience!

Cheers to you all! We'll report back after the vet trip.
I have the same problem with Missy. She had bad teeth and they were pulled but she STILL won't eat! SHE is on Cyproheptidine but even it is not doing much!

My late Corkie would ONLY eat if I or my Mom sat with her and THOUGHT about her whiile she ate. IF we thought about something else she knew it and would stop eating and leave!
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I just now discovered this thread, and from the first post, I've been thinking your kitty may have diabetes... which seems to be supported by the high glucose level you mentioned a few posts back. I didn't see diabetes mentioned anywhere -- has your vet considered it?

I agree with others here that you should be following their guidance about special feeding and hydrating techniques, and I also feel you need to drive to another town and see another vet immediately.

For what it's worth. All my good wishes for your poor kitty...
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Yes, Diabetes was the first thing that the vet considered, but was ruled out after further tests.

She now seems to eat a new dried food for a few days and then lose interest.
Then we find another one that she will eat for a few days and then lose interest.
Our kitchen is overrun with different cat foods. I think we will open a used pet food store! ;-)

Does anyone know why cats get so fussy about their food? For 6 years it wasn't even a concern!
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If she is only eating just a little, here are some tricks I would apply. Prior to feeding her, spread out on the ground a little bit of loose leaf organic catnip. She should come to it and lay in it, roll in it and feel pretty good about it. After she has had a few minutes in this stuff, give her a plate of food (not a bowl) but a plate of food with a tiny bit of the same catnip in it. She should eat it right up.

Is she drinking water? If not, I would invest in a pet drinking fountain. She really needs to be eating more than she is. You can rub some acidopholous powder on her gums that will spark and interest in food.

She also will eat more if you sit down on the floor with her while she eats. Cats are social eaters, starts at the moment of birth when they compete at the milk bar. I sit with my cats all the time when they eat. it is preferable to just lie on the floor near them while they eat. They enjoy the company.
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My senior cat Ox (16.5 yrs) turned up his nose at his cat food back in August. I went through several different samples, added water to the dried food. However he was eating moist food-it doesn't matter which kind thank goodness. About 7 weeks after buying a new type I thought he likes-he went back to the old food!!! He will eat the other stuff but not very much. I don't know whats up with that.
But I concur with the others that perhaps you should try a bit of syringe feeding. Did you try beef or chicken baby food (no onions however on label??)
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Hissy, Yes she is drinking water.
GailC, yes we tried baby food, canned pumpkin and everything everyone mentioned here.

We took her to the vet (4th time in 6 weeks). It was a new vet who was substituting for our regular guy. He could find nothing wrong either. We are waiting now for the 2nd blood analysis to compare it to the first one.

Willow is eating, but just enough. She is only 6 1/2 lbs. She weighed about 9 1/2 lbs two months ago.

Again, she now eats 2-3 tablespoons moist food, about 1/4 cup dried kibbel, and 10 - 20 dried treats over the course of the day.

We've left 6 different dried foods out that she had eaten for a few days at a time over the past 4 weeks. But now she only eats one of them and leaves the other 5. So we are working on the soft stuff and dried treats.

She's not gaining weight, but holding her own.
Should we still syringe feed her ON TOP of what she is eating above?
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If she were mine, I would syringe feed her slowly. She is not eating much and she more than likely needs the moisture and the nutrients. When they stop eating, their body just adjusts to not eating and they "feel" full because the body is essentially feeding on itself. It's a vicious cycle they fall into during this time.
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I agree that you should be syringe feeding her. I know when my little guy ares was having a tough time. I gave him about 6cc's of baby food every two hours. and moved it up to a wet food slurry. Than he started in on his own really well.
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If she were mine I would definitely supplement what she is eating with some high calorie stuff - try some kitten glop (the recipe is onthe Pregnant cats and kiitens thread) or just some egg yolk (not the white) beaten in some water or cat milk or goat milk and mixed with a pinch of vitamin powder. It is tasty and most cats will not fight a syringe once they are used to it after the first few tries. GO to a pharmacist and get a needleless 10cc or 20 cc syringe and introduce it tot he side of her mouth, giving her a very little at a time so she doesn't choke. I would also try very hard to stop giving her the treats - she needs proper food and they are not really providing anything. My cats also love strong cheese, grated up - try some cheddar.
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Oh Marsha, I cannot tell you how much I can sympathize with you! Twitch began to loose weight, didn't want to eat, slept quite a bit. I took her to the vet, & she had rotten teeth. She was 1 year old. Being the rotten cat mommy(first timer) I was, I hadn't been watching her teeth. Her breath smelled rotten. She went from 6 lbs. 4 lbs. She is now 3 years old. She had all of her teeth removed this summer. I was crying I felt so rotten for doing this to her. We had gone to a different vet to take her teeth out(ours never had done a removal on a cat). I cried at the vet's office. Do you know what she told me? Nothing that I could have done would have prevented this.

My advice to you: Pink Salmon-smeels strongly, puree it if you have to
Nutri cal or Nutri stat
Check for mouth ulcers
smell her breath

Good Luck! I will say a prayer for willow!
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