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AUB/Animal Welfare Club

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Hey guys, how's the family here?

To some of you who have read my few topics here you know I recently purchased a kitten that died a week later. It was a sad thing but ever since then, some great things have been happening. Even though it's been a difficult mountain to climb, but my love for animals is keepin' me going.

My Kitten's name was Angel, may she REST IN PEACE. Her death really inspired me to make a change in this country and help as many animals as possible!

I go to the American University of Beirut, it's main head-quarters is in New York City for those who don't know. We basically are labeled as a Bird sanctuary, and a Feline shelter. Our cats roam free protected by the walls of AUB. There's a committee of eight AUB professors from different faculties and ages who are currently responsible for spaying/neutering, feeding, and giving medical attention to the cats of our campus. They represent the Animal Welfare Club, but sadly it's been in-active for the students for about 3 years now and out of about 7,000... Nobody has taken the initiative to push forward and want to lead this movement... But Angel's death has inspired me enough to do it. I'm working very closely with an AUB graduate who's also an animal rights activist and works/worked in an organization called BETA which is similar to PETA. We're now basically in the process of giving life to this club and trying to recruit as many members as possible...

Our goal is going to be to raise money for our feline population, and to raise awareness about Animal Rights... Once our club is strong and active, our final goal is going to be on a national level. To pass the singing of Animal Cruelty laws in our Constitution.. This is a revolution I’m trying to start, ANIMAL LOVERS every where! Send us your prayers!

And MUCH THANKS to this community who was there for me and gave me the love and support I needed when my beautiful little baby Angel passed away. Thank you for being an inspiration.
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Good for you! I'm really happy that at least one good thing happened because of Angel's influence on your life. I wish youall the luck in the world Angel is proud of you!.
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This is a very noble cause and I know you will be successful.
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