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Touching noses.

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What does it mean when my my male and female cat touch nose to nose and at the same time smell eachothers breath? They also touch noses, then smack eachothers face with there paws for a sec?
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They're probably just saying hello to each other and seeing what kind of mood the other one's in. That's what my kitties do.
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Mine are forever touching noses, then they usually give each other a quick lick straight after it.

You can see them touching noses in my siggy below
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Why do they sometimes swat eachother's face and hiss after they touch noses?
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Its just their way of sorting out the hierarchy. The nose touching is a greeting and the swat lets each other know who is boss!!!
As long as it doesn't get too violent, I wouldn't worry about it!
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When they start giving gentle bats at each other thats when Rosie and Sophie start playing chase.
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Yeah, its like provocation! They are saying they want to play!!
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Oh ok thanks everyone!
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Bijou and Mika do that too as you can see in my signature.
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It is how they identify with each other. Cats have scent glands in thier cheeks and so they touch nose to see who is front of them. Cats can't see directly in front of them. Once they figure that out they are either friends or not
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Is it something often done with humans for the same reasons? Just curious.

If I say "Kisses", Sofia comes up and touches her nose to mine (usually more than once, no batting involved). Is that just a pet trick or a greeting? She is usually purring while she does it...

Sheesh, I feel like such a geek.
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Its a greeting!! I get kisses and headbutts everytime I come home!! Even my 6 week old kitten does it!!

Its their way of saying 1) Hello and I love you and 2) You are mine and you belong only to me (This is what the headbutting means, they are putting their scent on you!)

Don't feel like a geek!!! We love kisses!
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It just makes me laugh because she'll do it on command - BUT - only if no one else is around. She is very much a one person cat.

Head butts I'm used to, also rubbing and the saliva swipe - but kisses on command makes me chuckle...

I love my cats and they know it. I fully expect Keef to start doing "Kisses" soon - since she mimics everything Sofia does.
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clinton will sometimes kiss when i ask too. but he does wake me up every morning with kissies, and gives me nose rubs before asking for kitty massage! nothin' better that kitty loves!
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