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I have one sister who is 2 years older than me. We used to fight like cat and dog when we were younger, but we get on pretty well now. She still knows how to push my buttons though!
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When I lived at home, me and my brothers (oldest is 17, youngest is 14) used to fight all the time!

After I moved out, we all get along so great, we talk all the time, and my visits home are so much better, we never fight anymore...I love it so much
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My sister is 11 years older than me and growing up, I HATED it because I had TWO moms(which actually I STILL do have 2 moms). Now that we don't live together, we get along but when she was home and home from college we fought ALL THE TIME! She tried telling me what to do all the time and I would pull the "You're not my mother" line, which she really wasn't and I hated her.

She's getting married in September next year and I will be her Maid of Honor.

The things I still dislike about her are that:

1. She thinks she is better than everyone else and it SHOWS especially around Christmas because let's face it: my mom's family is kind of not normal but we won't get into that.

2. She doesn't like Travis and I never understood why. She never would answer me when I ask. Mom doesn't understand either. I think this all comes back to her thinking she is better than everyone

Other than that, we get along great
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I have four older brothers. Three of them live 850 miles away in my dad's town. The fourth one lives three blocks and one million emotional miles from me. His biotch of a wife made a scene in front of my dad on the day of my mom's funeral and as far as I'm concerned she and my brother are no longer in my family. Not very Christian, but it's how I feel.

There's a thirteen-year span between the oldest and me, with a six-year gap between #3 and #4, so #4 and I were basically raised like two kids together. I barely remember the days when all five of us were still living at home because they were over by the time I was six. (And I'm 40 now, which doesn't help the memory. LOL)

I wouldn't say I'm close to any of my brothers although we do talk on the phone. #1 is the one I'm not speaking to; #2 and #3 are probably the ones I'm closer to. #4 and I fought so much as kids that it sort of affected our ability to relate to each other like adults now. Besides, he's sort of like Rhonda's sister. LOL It's hard to relate to a scrounge.

I wouldn't say I'm that close to any of them. In fact, I wonder now if I'll have that much of a relationship with them after Dad's gone. I am very close to my parents' generation, but not so much to my own, and they're dying off one by one.
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