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How do you get a long with your sister or brother

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Do you have a good relationship with your brother or sister? If you dont do you wish you did?

Hope im not wrong by letting this out to you guys but im really upset right now This is long and im sorry but i cant talk to mom about this

I think back when i joined this site back in july 2004 I may have brought my sisuation im not sure was going through a rough time back then dealing with Dads death I'm at my witts end with my sister we really never have been close and it got worst after Dad passed away she's a Compulsive gambler who lost everything who also had a good goverment job One would think after everything she has lost this mess would stop

My sister called my husband yesturday and once again is loosing her apartment i haven't called her back yet cause it seems when ever something goes wrong she'll call me other then that she olny calls when my mom is in town She has hurt me more then i can say and she hurt Dad when he was living with the hateful words she would say to both of us me and Dad did everything we coiuld for her always bailing her out when she got in to trouble with gambing She say that she has her gambilng under control that when she goes on the boat she take only $100.00 shoot a compulsive gabmbler is like alocholic or drug addict we never have it under control to be under control is to stop everything i should know im a recovering alocholic as of 04/23/2001 going on six years next april Ive tried to help her even wanted to take her to meetings everything im tired of this im getting ready to go back to work on nov 7th full time my foot should be well enough to work or yea i'll explain that later im going back to Boulineaus ive got to have my insurance and cant take a $4.00 cut in pay and i will no time time to deal with my sisters mess I gave her a 8 Escudo Gold Coin Circa 1743-1756 from my Dads collection she pawned it off to gamble im so sick over that i should of never gave it to her my Dad would really be disspointed in me Its to long of a story to expalin

well guys and gals im going to finish cleaning im going through old clothes and other stuff beback soon

have a great day (PS) thank you for listen
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I`m sorry that this is not a good relationship for you. It sounds like she has a lot of issues she needs to deal with.....but you can`t do it for her. (CONGRATULATIONS ,by the way, on your being able to quit drinking!!!)
I have 2 sisters and we have always been close friends....I also have 2 step sister and a step brother that I love very much...but a lot of siblings are not close from what I hear.
At least you get to pick your friends though, huh?
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Heck no they're not. I wish i was an only child, or that claire would go to college and leave me alone. I have had to put up with her for 13 years!
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My sister is 2 years younger than me, and we get along ok. She's not really interested in the stuff I am anymore, so she's not much fun anymore I guess. She gets away doing nothing in the house, and my parents make me do all types of housework, she also gets away with everything, sometimes it annoys me. But otherwise she isnt that bad.

Now my mom and her brother, they are not vey close at all. Each year they go camping and never invite my family. Were never invited over their house, except one time for christmas but thats because my grandparents were over. They've got more money than us, and always brag about it to our face. At the age of 40 something, he and my mom got into a fight, and he threatened to hit my mother, but my put dad put a stop to it. He also admitted he will never be close to my mom, meaning he doesnt even care sbout my mom I guess, mabye he would rather not even consider her as family? As you can see my family has major issues and its me,my mom,dad, and sister that have to suffer.
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My sister and I are 2 years apart, and though we're very different, we are very close. We're very lucky in that, when we were younger, our parents always let us work out our sisterly fights ourselves without interfering. When we were little, we would fight, and still occasionally don't see eye to eye on things like politics or religion, but we're very good friends. I wish we could live closer to each other--she's in SC and I'm in Chicago so we could see each other more, but we try to chat on the phone as much as possible and see each other several times a year.
I'm so sorry you and your sister have such problems. I feel very lucky to have a family that doesn't COMPLETELY drive me crazy!
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I don't talk to my sister at all. My sister has upset myself and my Fiancee too many times so its just easier to keep contact to a minimum. Just because they are family doesn't mean you have to like them.
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My brother was 2 years older than me, and whilst we fought when we were kids, we got on very well when we got older. If we'd had more time, I have no doubt that we would have been very close. I miss him everyday, there's so many things I want to tell him, so many things I want to talk to him about. It's so very, very true, that you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

Rhonda - Try not to let it get you down, if she decides to destroy her life it's not your fault. Until she's ready to admit her problem and seek help for herself, there's nothing you can do.
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Between cleaning house I made the call to my sister we talk about 15 minutes she said she needs to find a place i was waiting for her to admit she had a problem but she just beat around the bush and said she didnt like where she was at anymore i ve heard it and seen it one two many times me and Dad both I told her i had the place rented i didnt want to tell her i sold the my rentle place (Long story ) the closing is tommorow

But just so you guys know for thoses who have a close relationship we there brother or sister Just be thankful you have that and your very lucky. Cause more then anything i would like to have a special relationship with my sister But this has gone on for twenty years its hopless
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My brother and I were close growing up. Unfortunately, we chose very different paths for ourselves. He got into drugs and served jail time, never staying in one place for very long. The last time I saw or spoke with him was 11 years ago. He doesn't even know he has an 11 year old nephew, or that I've been divorced, remarried, and he has another 4 year old nephew. Last I heard, he was living as a vagrant in the woods in West Virginia. My parents have tried to help him, but always end up burned. I'm not sure what I'd even say to him if I had the chance.
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I on;y have my sister-my twin sister. Yes we did all the twin stuff growing up.
We still have this wierd bond -about 5 weeks ago she had 2 dreams of me getting run over when I had my limo ride on my last day of work she had to mak sure I didn't sit by the door-one dream kept her awake one night!! The freaky thing is the next day in the newspaper someone in the town that we did the limo ride in was run over!!
But she lives several states away now and so far I've seen her twice this yr.
I yell at her for spending too much money and she yells at me for weighing 20 lbs more than her!! My husband has 3 sisters and 4 brothers and has a very good relationship with all of them except his oldest brother (who doesn't want to get together with other siblings either)
In your situation with your sister -I can understand that you want to help her but until she recognizes her problem and gets help on her own-your helping may continue her gambling addiction. I think "tough love" in this case. You can't put her problems infront of your life.
BTW- congratulations on your almost 6 yrs of sobriety!!! To bad she can't learn any lessons from that.
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I get along GREAT with my two brothers!!! I am just so sad that they live in California!!!
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My half brother and I are like best friends. He's 25 I think and I'm almost 18 yet we pretty much act exactly alike! We're always there for eachother no matter what the problem is.

My sister and I on the otherhand don't really talk much at all. My sister is more closer to my mom more than anything. Problem is that she's a little two-faced and tends to really get on my nerves a lot. Basically because she's just really not all that smart.
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I get along okay with my older brother.. he's 22.. but it depends on his mood.
then I don't really get along with my one sister.. shes 15.. this may sound cruel or heartless.. but I don't even care about her. If you knew everything that she has done to this family.. you would understand why.
Then I have one more sister, and we get along alright, shes a pretty nice sister.. age 11.

I am 18
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I have two brothers. One older and one younger.
I like my older brother. I get along fine with him but we don't see each other all that often. Problem is, he's very close to our parents and I'm not. Plus my family has never been emotionally close. At best we were like polite strangers living together.
My younger brother I don't like as much. He is even closer to my parents and even if he is polite with me, I know he despises me. Our family is French-Canadian and my younger brother is pretty hard-core Quebec nationalist. I know he doesn't like that I have adopted English as my primary language and that I show little or no interest in French Canadian culture.

Overall, I don't get along well with my family. Every time I go to visit, it feels weird. It's like if I was showing up at some strangers family dinner.
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My sister is the most evil, revolting person that ever drew breath. I cannot stand the sight of her. She completely ruined our family. The other 3 siblings left home the day we graduated high school to get away from her, and my parents, who let her get away with anything just so she would shut up and leave them alone. There are going to be demons trying to escape from hell to get away from her when she dies. The world will be a far better place without her, but she will probably outlive everything but Keith Richards and cockroaches. I am happiest when there is at least 1 state between us.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
The world will be a far better place without her, but she will probably outlive everything but Keith Richards and cockroaches.
I'm sorry your sister is so evil. I truly am. But that was just funny.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
My sister is the most evil, revolting person that ever drew breath. I cannot stand the sight of her. She completely ruined our family. The other 3 siblings left home the day we graduated high school to get away from her, and my parents, who let her get away with anything just so she would shut up and leave them alone. There are going to be demons trying to escape from hell to get away from her when she dies. The world will be a far better place without her, but she will probably outlive everything but Keith Richards and cockroaches. I am happiest when there is at least 1 state between us.
im sorry to hear that {krazy kat2} I dont fill as bad now after reading this and im not saying that to be funny im serious at least i can relate to what your going through It really stinks! maybe your sister and my sister should get together and do some deep therpy at one flew over the Cuckoo's Nest! well guess you and i are two pea's in a pod i would rather be in a pea in a pod then to be a {cockroach}

take care and hang in there
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I dont get along with my sisters. They are 8 and 9 years older then me. They treat me like I don't know how to raise my kids and like I don't know anything about life...even at 27 they do this...which I think is pretty funny because the one who tells me to "grow up" and "stop screwing up" is actually in priison right now Like she has room to talk... and the other one, I really don't talk to but maybe 2 times a year... They were never really around when I was growing up. Always into thier own thing and lived with thier mom..My brother on the other hand is 11yrs older then me and you would almost think we're twins. He was always there for me when I needed him. Even to this day. He's going to be 38 next month and wouldn't hesitate at all to "come to the rescue" even 1000 miles away!
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me and my sister are best friends and i dont really have much of a relationship with my older brother
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I get along with all seven of my siblings (three sisters, four brothers), but I'm only close to a few of them. And even then, I don't think we're truly "close." When we were kids, my little sister and I (two years apart) were very close. I miss that.
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I used to be close to my sister. We were close until she met her current husband (and that was through her first marriage and subsequent very serious relationship). She has completely changed since she met him. She used to be an intelligent, fun and outgoing woman. Now she is a total homebody who only leaves their (recently purchased) middle-of-nowhere mountain home. She's become a redneck (and not in the good way) trophy wife.

We talk maybe twice a year, and see each other at Christmas.
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I still retain remnants of that younger sibling hero worship of my older brother who is 13 years older than me (half-brother really), although now that he has a wife and child and lives in NoCal I don't talk or see him much. Considering he is a half-brother 13 years older than me we are fairly close.

I absolutely adore my younger brother, who is almost 16, and am always trying to take credit for how well he has turned out (but I suppose my parents deserve some). He comes and spends the night w/ me and my bf all the time and my friends have been known to hang out with him as well (despite the fact he's 7 years their junior).

But the important thing is, they are both really good people.

If either of them were abusive (financially, physically, emotionally, verbally etc) it would be a different story. I see no reason to try and maintain ties with someone who only causes you main, no matter if you share branches of the family tree or not.
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I love my brother. He's one of the most important people in my life. He is 11 years younger than I am but we get along wonderfully. He really is an awesome kid and a lot of fun to be with. I just wish I got to see him more often.

Rhonda.. I am very sorry to hear about your sister. My grandmother had the same sort of relationship with my dad. She was always helping him out so he knew she would always be there to help him out.. you know what I mean? Maybe you should tell her you will be there for her emotionally but unless she makes an attempt to help herself you can't help her either.
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Eh, my sister and I had our share of catty moments in childohhod, but now that we're older, we're m uch more sedate around each other. She's going through her "reckless teenager" phase so I don't exactly have a deep, fulfilling relationship with her, but it isn't bad by any stretch. She'll get over it and we'll be ok. She's a wonderful person who's insisting upon making some dumb choices right now.

My brother, who is 11 years my junior, and I have a tremendously wondeful relationship. Because of teh difference in our age, we get along wonderfully...I think he has kind of growm up with my being a junior mom rather than a big sister, which isn't weird to me at all! It's very exciting to watch him grow up and I know he looks up to me.
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Rhonda, I am so sorry for what you are going through with your sister .

I have 2 brothers- a younger brother, (22, Jeff) and an older half-brother (36, Ken). My little bro is my best friend. We always go to each other for advice and comfort. He is the most wonderful kid. My older bro, though, well...we've kind of grown apart. He got married 2 years ago to this horrible sucubus (Dana) and is just too much like our father (whom I have not spoken to since Feb.). Needless to say, that relationship is a bit...strained.
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My sister (eight years my junior) is one of my favourite people. My brother (four years my junior) is more problematic. I love him, but he's kind of difficult.
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My brother is 8 years older than me and we've always gotten along amazingly. We consider each other good friends, despite the age difference (which at this point, no longer really matters anymore anyway), and have a lot of respect for each other. I've always thought that my brother was one of the greatest people on earth. He's always there for me and is even coming to Orlando this Saturday just to go to the party my friends are throwing for me for getting into grad school. And now that he's been married for almost 3 years I've gained a sister whom I also love very much.
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I can't stand my brother. He's an ass. One of the most racist, sexist, homophobic pigs you could meet, and I am ashamed to call him my brother. I've talked to him maybe once or twice in the past year, and I don't see it changing for the better until he changes his ways, and at 30 it's unlikely that's going to happen.
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I have one sister; she is 2 years older than me.

We never got along as kids, always fighting. I'd go my way, she'd go her way. We are polar opposites. Heck she even pushed me down the stairs when I was in a baby-walker. And in high school, she was so jealous of me she switched high schools, middle of her senior year!

She uses & abuses my mom ("mom my life sucks, gimme more money waa waa") and hates all four of her children. Plus, she had four abortions inbetween giving birth to her four living kids; and my mother paid FOR ALL OF THEM.

We rarely see each other, really. She doesn't hang with my family anymore during the holidays, because there's nothing in it for her.

I basically feel like an Only Child.
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Ah sweetie that sounds so horrible. I wish I had something more comforting to say other than I'm thinking of you and I hope that something falls into place. I was going to say I hope you land on your feet, but then I recalled your surgery and stuff - talk about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I don't have the experiences you've had - my brother and I are so close - I really don't know where I would be if I didn't have him. He and I have helped each other out whenever we've needed each other - he's dropped everything to help me and especially when I was newly single with a baby to raise. At only 15 years old, he stepped up to the challenge of the male role model - and 5 years on, I sincerely hope that my little boy grows up jsut like his big uncle David. I love my little bro so much... life really would be empty if I didn't have him.
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