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New Cell/Mobile ... Excited

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Got a new phone. Its triband GSM so it is easier to use round the world. Quite nice and small (4.21 x 1.77 x 0.74 Inches). The key pad slides out real nice. One little complaint, some part of the phone is made from the type of metal that when touch leaves little fingerprints, you know what I mean? But thank goodness it is only two tiny parts.

Any fellow catsite nokia 8801 owners (or for those in Europe 8800)?

So which brand of cell/mobile you guys use?
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Mine is oooold - Nokia 3315.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Mine is oooold - Nokia 3315.
Upgrade, upgrade. Get a 8801 or 8800 (or whatever they call it in Australia), so we can be cell phone buddies!
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Mine's a Motorola Tracfone. I'm not even sure what model, an older one, I know that.
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Oooooh very nice! I have a Hyandai, I've had it for 11 months so I can't even remember the rest of it's name! It's still pretty good though!
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Nice cell phone! I've got an older model Motorola "clamshell" phone: a V66i, which is also a triband, and quite small. I can't see myself upgrading until it stops working.
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I have the Motorola V220.
It has a camera with zoom and is a flip phone.
I've had it a little over a year and still like it.
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I've never seen that Nokia here in the UK yet. I've just renewed my contract with T-Mobile and got the Samsung E720 flip phone free and it's brilliant!
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Mine is the Samsung A650. I've had it since July, and couldn't be happier. I'm not interested in all the bells and whistles, so as long as it keeps performing, we'll be good pals and I won't feel any need to upgrade.
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Got a Nokia 6610i
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Nokia user here too!
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I suppose I'm really unpatriotic for not using Nokia. I have a Samsung clamshell, can't remember the model.
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