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....NOT for me!
I bought some here in town at TSC yesterday (For those of you who want to try it...they are a little cheaper than clay litter. Here in Strurgis, MI it was $4.50 for 40 pounds....if you live near me and want the rest of this bag, PM me and I`ll tell you where I am and you can have it!) Guess we all like something different....and if you like this stuff, well, more power to ya!
They are about the size of rabbit food pellets so you can`t sift it.....and my cats, although they did use it, would`nt cover their poops with it!
So it was`nt even in there 24 hours and I`ve replaced it with my old,clay Tidy Cat litter.....I have a childs broom and dustpan next to the pooper scooper....I`d rather sweep a little "flicked" litter a few times a day than deal with this stuff.
I`ve also tried the sandy types of litter (what they call "clumping litter") and really hated those. Even though it did`nt "show" as much as the clay does, when the cats "flicked" it would fly farther and feel like I lived at the beach. (Plus the fact that I`ve heard some say now on here that it can be a problem with plugging up your kitties bum!)
I have 2 cats, 1 big litter box, sift poopy 2-3 times a day and do a complete change about every 5 days. Works for me! TIDY`s going to be your praise I`ll sing from now on in! I`m all done trying anything else!!!