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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
The idea that girls achieving menarche at earlier and earlier ages tends towards hyped up media frenzy.

See this interesting article on the "study" and other factors that caused these overblown fears.

Sorry to hijack. _
The link wouldn't work for me. But 10 different groups could do a study and come up with 10 different results. From my personal experiences and what friends have told me about thier friends and family, it's much more common now then it was 20 years ago. Now talk to 9 other people and get 9 other different stories! :-)
I just have serious ethical issues with growth hormones being put in the foods we eat. and the animals being given antibiotics as a matter of daily life rather than when they are sick. I talked to a lady in a pet store a few weeks ago that told me her dog has to be on a dog food made from organic meat, because he's allergic to the antibiotics in the meat. why can't we just give them medicine when they are sick, rather than "just in case"? I *so* want my own place so I can raise my own meat and eggs. It'll be worth the heartbreak when they go, to know everything they have eaten and every medicine they have received.

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off topic ... FWIW,
my own useless anecdotal evidence is that 20 years ago, a friend of mine DID get her period at 9, while the rest of us dutifully waited another 3 years for it to arrive ... Nice to hear someone else with that too early start
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I wouldn't eat anything like that, I'm the kind of picky person that assumes alot I can look at something and not like it, I always say I do not like yougrt and I have never even tried it. The Dr asked me if I liked tofue or Soy stuff I said I don't like anything that looks or sounds like health, science or diet.. My hubby tells me he could never take me out of the Country because I'd starve to death
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