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my new kitten "Reeses" is home....

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*also posted this in the prego/kitten section*


Well she came home last night. I drove the hour plus drive to get her...
She is a LOT tinier than the pictures I was sent of her. Poor lil dear.
She is all bones..
I highly doubt she is 10wks liek they said she was she looks mroe like 8wks...
I do have to drive her back over that way cause she didn't make the weight for spaying (which I think was a blessing) so in a few weeks I will do that at their vet.....
The rescue lady also sent me home with some clavamox 62.5mg that she is to take every day.. she thought she may be coming down with a URI... (great)
I am also to give her albon 1/2cc 1st day and 1/4 cc daily til gone... which she gave me a weeks worth.. also some worming stuff 1/2cc weekly.

I was thinking she told me she was healthy....
OH well atleast she is home now and I hopefully can get her fattened up and healthy! I have my 2 other cats locked downstairs in the laundry room... THEY ARE NOT impressed! they look HUGE compared to her now..... coarse Hope my 6yr old is 11lbs and Hershey is 9lbs LOL

The kitten is eatting good. I am feeding her NutroMax Kitten dry I sprinkle water on it to soften it up and she is eatting it well.....
I just can't believe how much her little bones stick out.... maybe I'm just use to my chunks but its really disturbing... I was thinking of going and getting some kitten milk in a can to feed her in addition.... to help plump her up.
She did poop a lot last night... not liquidy but definately very soft.
IT could be from all the meds who knows.. poor things been through so much. I am so glad I didn't wait any longer to get her...

anyways wanted to update re: my newest lil babe....
I'll attach that one pic of her again.... but do keep in mind she looks bigger in the pic than she really is and she is fuzzy so she isn't as plump as she appears......

any advice or comments welcome!!!!
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Welcome home, Reese! Congrats to Hope, Hershey & you on your new adorable, BEAUTIFUL princess (she is the kind of cat that I hope to have someday, Himmy markings with a regular cat face) YOU ARE AWESOME for tackling her minor health issues head-on They could have exploded into a slow, tortuous end for her, but with all the TLC will soon become a distant memory. As for the extra nutrition, you could either supplement with KMR or try Royal Canin BabyCat (for kittens under 12 weeks)
My grandson's kitten, Midnite, uses it, and he is thriving (the vet found the kitten abandoned on the hospital doorstep, near death from dehydration & anemia from fleas, and the kitten was approx. only 2 weeks), at 10 weeks, he's now the fun little kitten everyone hopes for. Actually, I could see Reese's sunken flanks, so I know how tiny and underweight she must be, and I know how rough it is to see those pics ( I once was given a rescue horse that could hardly walk from starvation, his bones protruded so much that his hip bones wore through the skin - I couldn't even take a pic, and had to have a statement from the vet that the horse was "salvageable" and that I didn't cause the condition, so the stables would accept him for boarding. With good food, lots of loving & Source micronutrients, this horse quickly blossomed out into an outstanding trail horse for any skill of rider, including disabled people).
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Thanks everyone,

The rescue group got her from a kill shelter.. She told me that this shelter was killing as many as 150 PER DAY til they started pulling some out from them... Can't believe this could of been my sweet lil baby's fate...
They saved her on the 14th..... They wanted to spay her before she came home with me as I said but she still is uner 2lbs.... and she had to be over 2lbs...
I stalled over a week and decided to drive over and get her and promised to make the drive back to thier vet which is next door to the rescue shelter...

let me tell ya..... She's been with us for a day now and what a little fiesty girl she is LOL.... She growls when she's eatting if you get too close LOL like she so big she's gonna hurt us... We just keep petting... She's all talk no action LOL. She's probably just so hungry she doesn't want to share which I can't blame her! Her tummy has bloated out from all the food she is trying to squeeze in herself.. She is starting to play... She growls and hissys if she's had enough and wants left alone too shes quite funny! I can't wait til I can put her with my other 2 monsters... I think she'll fit right in with those two..
Although the attitude may have to be rethought LOL. Hope and Hershey will have no part of any Prissy princess attitude lol.

anyways will update as things go.
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She is adorable! Maybe she is just a tiny 10 weeks??? (I say that cause her face has an older than 8 weeks look to me....could be wrong though) I`m sure she`ll be ON THE GAIN now that she has someone to dote over her! :-)
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okay just went and took some pics of my own... I put her next to a Barbie doll just to size her cause most people know how big a barbie is LOL..
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Welcome, Beautiful Baby!!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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How cute is are a wonderful soul to safe her from ? fate
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Hello it's nice to meet you!!
Reese is adorable!!!

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Welcome to the family, beautiful Reeses!
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yes welcome baby Reese - so glad your home little one
your adorable

and dont you worry - you growl at that food all you want - its all yours sweetheart !!
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She is doing good. No booger eyes... Shes been with us a week now.
Playing and jumping lots and purring.... SHe has taken a liking to my daughter and snuggles up in bed with her at night. Its really cute
I am not sure if I can let her out of isolation now or should I still wait?
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I`d still guess she looks about 10 weeks in Barbie-soft-porn-pic. She is certainly over 8 weeks but under 12. She may just be small for her age.
She sure is a doll herself....and it sounds like she is adjusting just fine. have fun with your new baby. (The kitten, not the doll)
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