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Cat animations.

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Sorry I don't post very oftern these days,but I just wanted to share this great site.I was really surprised how many cute animations there are on this site.There is also alot of great links to, hope you enjoy it as much as I do http://www.cybergata.com/anim.htm
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Just wanted to say its good to see you around again! I remember you posting quite a bit a while back, and your daughter too. How is she?? What happened to you guys, don't you like us anymore????
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Those animations are really cute!! I have the site bookmarked, and thank you for sharing it with us.
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Hi Aristocat!!! Good to see you!! I added that site to my list of favorites for easy access. Thanks!!!
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Thank you Daniela,Lorie and Debby .I will make more time to come and visit more oftern,naughty me
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I hope so, we missed you!
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YEY!!! Arsicat!!!(hee hee - bet you missed being called that didn't ya??!?!?! hee hee) Good to see you again!! Thanks for the link to that site - cool!
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:laughing: Oh I remember the name well Bodlover lol We will all have to go on another outing :laughing:, but you can still call me that it if you wan't to lol

I hope everyone is keeping well,my daughter Jenna is fine and she will be visiting soon.I will hopefully have my own web-site soon, so I,m looking forward to seeing it all come together.
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Glad to hear Jenna is doing good!! Let her know we miss her too!
Wow Arsi!!! Whats the website about???.... hmmmmmm CATS?!?!??!?!?!? Hahaha - Make sure you post a link for us all to come see it when its finished!!!
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Aww thank's Bodlover I'll tell Jen. I will have to post pic's so you can all see what we look like

I,ve just used up a full film of Felix lol, he kept putting his head down just as I clicked the camera My site will be full of Felix and my 2 guinea pigs,so I,m looking forward to when it is finished
and I'll post a link when it is .
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Tell Jen hi for us!
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