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new cat

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I just adopted a new cat...from my vet. A lady found this little one, couldn't keep her, so took
her to her vet and being a nice person and animal lover, paid for having her spayed, shots and general check-up. Poor thing needed a loving home and was very upset at having to stay in a cage for two weeks looking for SOMEONE to love her. I fell in love with here on sight and brought her home.
She immediately took to everything and made hersel f at home.
What I would like to ask any of you out there, do you know anything about tortishells. She is a beautiful grey torti and the most loving, sweet cat I have ever seen. I just wondered about their
personality and or hang-ups. I have had Siamese, Hymalayans and mixted cats. I think she is probably about a year old..Any help would be welcome...Thanks and hope everyone is having a wonderful day...
pr66 (catpause@carolina.rr.com)
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I think that a torti isn't an actual breed, but a color variation, so it would have the personality of a Domestic Shorthair, or whatever it's breed is. I really don't know, but there are some people here that kow a lot of cat breeds. Maybe post a pic and your questions in the Breeder's Corner?
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I agree with Alicia; I believe it is a domestic short hair. My daughter has one, the only one I know. She happens to be a bit stand-offish, but playful to the extreme when she's in the mood...an extreme version of the personality of many cats. However, each of my white cats, black cats, tabbies, etc. had individual personalities. Just enjoy her. I'm sure she's beautiful!
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this is in reply to Alicia and Jeanie G.
Thanks for your response. I did know that the
tortishell wasn't a breed and just an american short hair. One reason I was asking and didn't
say before, was that I have had several grey
tabbies. they were loveable, but had a mean, well not mean exactly, just rough traits. I had two that would bite over no reason. and I might add, they weren't playing. the bite was bad enough to send me to my dr. I just don't trust them after that. My neighbor has one that does the same thing. anyway, just wanted to know if the torti had any personality traits on the down side. So far she is very loveable and cuddly. I love her very much already and we clicked right off.
Thanks again for responding.
pr66 (catpause)
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Congratulations on your new cat! What are you going to name her?
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I had two male tabbies (at different times) who were the most loving cats I had met (intil I got my Siamese), and then got a tabby with a lot of Persian in him -by the looks of his coat- who was as nasty as can be. He really intimidated my Siamese when they were babies, but they literally drove him out of here when they grew up. It was payback time! He kept running out the door when anyone came in, and I couldn't stop him because of my physical problems. Every time he came home I gave him the very best canned food and lots of love, but the Siamese finally scared him off for good. They were playing king of the hill, but he didn't like not being the king! I felt terrible about it, because he could be loving when he wanted to.
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Well, all cats have different personalities. I love brown tabbies. I had the greatest sweetest brown tabby that a bad bad person lost. But she was soo great, she'd hold my fingers with her paws and loved to snuggle and would cup my cheek with her paw. My brown tabby now , well, I think he is actually mostly Bengal, which is just a mixed Brown tabby bred with a wildcat generations back, is amazingly affectionate. He just purrs like crazy just to be near me! Just don't judge your kitty too much by what others say. She sounds sweet!
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I have a torti girl named Pepperpot. She is extra sweet & the Alpha cat in the house. She mothers the other cats (keeps them clean). Loves lots of attention & is very curious.
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Hi Adymarie,
the only thing better than a cat is having two cats (or more). My daughter has a torti which has a lot of black on her and semi long hair. She is getting on in years and has only one eye since a kitten. Had to take my CC to the vet this am to finish up her shots. Needless to say she wasn't very happy about that.
Good to hear from you..talk to you again soon.
pr66 (catpause)
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