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Cat doesn't cover urine

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My male cat, roughly 1 1/2 years old, recently neutered, doesn't cover his urine. I thought it was some "macho" thing, but I got him fixed and he still does it.

Any help please, thank you.
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Not all kitties do it. When I used to use regular litter Miss Kitty never buried anything. Now that I use feline pine she does bury the solid waste. When they do it outside it's to cover their tracks (i.e. so other animals don't find them), but I think many housecats have been domesticated away from it. I'm sure some of the cat-xperts here will have more info.

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Mine don't either. They cover solid waste, but not urine. Why is it a problem? If it smells too bad then maybe consider a covered litterbox, or a different type of litter? My boxes don't smell at all
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The problem is that it smells very bad and very strong. I'm getting a covered box and I'll have to try different litter. What is a good absorbent litter?
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arm and hammer is good/has baking soda to absorb odor.
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I use Arm and Hammer and it works well. I mean, baking soda is what you put in your fridge to absorb odors right? What could be better. I tried all different kinds but I like this one the best.
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Neither of my cats cover their urine either. They just wee and leave!
I use the cat litter crystals, they are a lot more expensive but the brand I use doesn't smell at all. You'll need to shop around though as some of the crystals absorb well but smell really nasty.
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Sophie covers hers, but Rosie doesn't, but the Sophie goes on after Rosie and covers it for her
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