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It happened so fast!!!!I feel so sad!!!!!

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I just had the most awful night, so I am here to say good-bye to a cat, with whom met her fate tonight under my truck!!!! It happened so fast and I am still crying, and in this numb feeling state! It all started when I had volunteered to take the money at the door of the "Spook-House" from which my niece and her senior classmates where holding downtown! Everything seemed to be going good, when this young couple walked up with a baby in a stroller, and a young boy also, I of course noticed there was a cat, hanging around them, they were waiting to go in when I asked, "Is that your cat?"
Yes it was, the woman told me it had just come up at their house, so I then asked, do you all feed it (it looked to be very skinny) I could tell they might have a hard time feeding a cat, and she said , she would throw out so scrapes for it whenever they had some.
I was so worried about the cat, telling them and my friend, "gosh, I hope it doesn't get run over down here," she said it followed them from home!
Now why can't I leave well enough alone, no, not me, I needed to go to the store, and get some change so I asked if they would wait there til I came back and I would bring some food for it, they could bring home with them to feed her, they said they would......
Thats when I got in my truck, I happened to be looking for it, scared the people infront of me would run it over, when I looked up I barely caught it,she was coming head on with my trunk and was already at my front bumper and under the trunk , and I heard a thump, well I was in shock, and even thought, surely not, and I looked in my rear view mirror but I saw nothing in the rode, so shaking like a leaf, I went to the store and like a mummy got the change and cat food and drove right back!
That is when I saw that poor baby laying in the rode! I freaked, I mean I freaked out, I went back and the couple was walking up the sidewalk when I drove up , I rolled my window down and lost it, crying, screaming "I ran over your cat" they didn't seem to believe me, so I had to say it again! '
Isn't that the most ironic thing you ever heard, I went to get it food and I killed it!!! What is that!!!!!???? I really am so sorry! so sad! I have to get some rest now cause I can't hold my eyes open they are swolden shut from crying, I just had to say good bye to that poor baby! I don't understand why me, the cat lover, helper, do anything for a cat person, why couldn't she have run under the car that was right beside me, that would have been bad enough, but for her to run straight under my trunk, when I was going to get it food, I just don't get that, I was wondering what that meant? Had I done something to deserve that, or was one of my babies at home going to lose their life, or what? I think things happen for a reason, so that is kinda creepy! well, never know and I hope she is out there when I check again, but my mama cat would not come while ago whenever I got home and was feeding the others, I called and called her but no mama! I'm going to go check on her again ,bye for now! Monique
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That is so sad and I know how guilty you must feel. But accidents happen and you cannot blame yourself - you were doing nothing wrong.
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I am so sorry you had that bad experience. You musn't blame yourself. You were doing the best you knew how to do at the time. Rest in peace sweet kitty.
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Don't feel bad, you were only trying to help her. Accident do happen and I am sure she knew you were only trying to help her. RIP baby kitty! BTW, did your Mama kitty come home? Sure hope so!
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Thats so sad, but please don't blame yourself because you were trying to help the poor thing

RIP little one
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How terribly sad for you and for the kitty! Just a terrible accident! At least her ending was quick.

Condolences! She is at peace, now.
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I hope you were able to get some rest!
Fate has a way of taking over.
There was nothing you did wrong, you were trying to help the little dear.
Accidents happen

Please don't blame yourself!
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I agree with everyone else here. This was a tragiclly unfortunate accident. Both for you and the poor Kit. Try not to blame yourself. You were just trying to help this poor cat.

Something I used to do when I was doing rescue work was I carried a big purse. Among the usual girly suff inside was a ziplock with some kitty kibble. I ran across hungry kitties and ferals a lot back then.

I hope you are okay. I go to pieces over things like that. But really you tried to help. The awful result wasn't your fault. This little dear is happy on the bridge now.
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Oh Monique..I am so sorry that you had to go through such a terrible expeirence. It wasn't your are such a loving wonderful person for going back to try and help this kitty. Sounds to me it is just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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I'm so very sorry you had to go thru this. My heart breaks for you, please take care of yourself. You did everything you could.
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Thanks everyone!!! I did get some rest, after checking on Mama cat, she came right in and slept on top of my legs that night! I cried again reading all of the nice things you all wrote to me! I understand that it wasn't my fault, but I still felt so sad! I sure am glad I could come here and all of you would make me feel better! Bless that kitty's heart, I do know she is in a better place, I just didn't want to be the one to put her there! Thanks again for all the love! I needed my cat people, and there you were! Send some prayers for tomorrow my baby-girl "Scream" is going to get spay. She will be fine I know! Lots of Love I send back to everyone, What great folks all of you are!!
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((((Monique)))) Life is just filled with cruel irony sometimes, isn't it? I am so sorry this happened, both you AND the kitty were innocent victims! I'm glad to hear you feel better now--and of course nothing bad will happen to your babies!!!! You're a very kind sweet person who was trying to help the poor little cat--what happened was just a sad but unavoidable accident. That little kitty certainly would not blame you!! She's over the Rainbow Bridge now where she will never have to worry about being hungry or thirsty or lonely or cold again--she'll have forever to be happy and loved and chase butterflies in the sunshine all day long!! That little kitty is in a wonderful place now, her suffering is over. Do forgive yourself, Monique, you didn't do ANYTHING wrong. You are so kind to care about a little abandoned cat--but like I said that little cat has now found the most wonderful home ever!! RIP little kitty --she's very happy now! And I do wish your kitty well tomorrow during her operation--I will be sending her prayers--and I'm sure she will be fine and running around in no time! God bless!!
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RIP little one - never in pain again, you are now at peace
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RIP little furbaby.
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Rest in peace, little kitty. Condolences, Monique, on having to go through such an awful experience. You said that you believe that things happen for a reason, and perhaps the cat was so skinny because she was sick, and you saved her from a slow, tortuous death - just read posts on cats who suffer through urinary blockages - it doesn't sound like the people that she lived with would have sought her veterinary care, and yes, she is pain-free & happy over RB. Someday, she will come running to meet you, and will remember you as the nice lady who wanted to help. Hugs, susan
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Oh Monique, how very sad!!! Please don't blame yourself, apparently this was meant to happen this way.

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I am so sorry to hear about you loss. My thoughts are with you.
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