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Do you love work meetings?

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For you office workers/cube dwellers who spend many hours in meetings during the week (I posted this link on another thread but thought I'd share the laughs again):


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You posted that in response to my post, and I must say it is SO true. I don't actually have to go to very many meetings, which is good because the older I get, the less able I am to keep quiet when I see something stupid. And at meetings, there is always something stupid.
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We printed out a copy of it and posted it up in our area one day, after we had just had a meeting the day before but no one could remember the outcome to one of our discussion items. It was perfect timing.... HA HA!
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I LOVE staff meetings at my company! They usually take place at a restaurant somewhere near the beach! But then there is an occasional pool party 'staff meeting' durring the summer too. (Yes we actually close down the office for an entire day just to have a pool party and get paid for it! Our other meetings are ususally half days for our students.) But shhh...don't tell our other offices, they'll get jealous!

They'd love the sign though! Especially since with all that food and what not, who can remember anything?
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Hehe, our Monthly Office Meetings are supplied with muchies and beer. So, yeah...I like our meetings!
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Sounds you all have pretty nice mettings!!!
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I am actually thinking about christmas preasants .....
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