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Any Stargazers out there?

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I'm getting into my new telescope. DH and I went to look at Mars tonight from my Mother's house. From what I read, it is closer tonight than it will be for a long time. It was neat to see it. I need lots of practice with the telescope though! But once I figured out what I was doing wrong all was good! I was in layers and fine for the 37degrees out it is, now that I'm home I'm cold!

So does anyone else star gaze?
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We do! Living out in the country, away from the city lights makes it so much easier. Tonight we were looking at Mars, as well. Every night we look for Venus, even my four year old knows how to find it. The best times are during the yearly meteor showers. But, it does get cold, you're right!
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That's really interesting about Mars! Where I live, I have such a beautiful view of the stars! I had a telescope when I was younger and most specifically remember viewing Haley's comet with it. It would be great to have a telescope again!
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I love the meteor showers! The Leonids are always on my daughter's birthday. The year they were so incredible we had a birthday party with about 15 kids, and they all spent the night and we watched the meteor shower all night. In four hours we counted over 800 meteors!!!
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I would love to have a telescope and live somewhere where I could see the stars properly, I love the stars and dark nights! As a kid I was really into astronomy. I usually only see stars dimmed by streetlights and rarely see the northern lights at my latitude.
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I love it!!! I also have a telescope, but I don't use it to often.
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I have a telescope but I use it to look at what is in the fields behind our house and at our pond. Earlier this year, we had at least two big bears that were eating the wheat. I wish I had the telescope then, but I just got it.
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Big stargazer here - been an amateur astronomer since my early teens.

We have had spectaculer views of Mars over the past few days - with no cloud cover!
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we have too many street lights over here so we can hardly see anything... but when i travelled to malaysia for a holiday, we managed to see meteor shower!
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I don't have a telescope.. but I love to look at the beautiful night sky.

I wish Mars would stay around longer, I'll miss seeing that big orangy 'star' always the first one to see.
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