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Brain damage symptoms?

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I'm worried Tom might have brain damage.
He came home today after being at the vets since Thursday for a serious episode of hypoglicemia. He had lots of convulsions.

* At home he's been having trouble walkin on a ceramic floor, he slips a bit.
And we walks very slowly.
* He had trouble recognizing my other cats, he got scared at first and sniffed them before realizing he knew them.
* He was anxious and walking in every room, as if he didn't remember my home.
* His pupils are very dilated.
* His hearing is fine
* He suddenly meowed for no reason while he was falling asleep. Uncharacteristic of him.
* He does meow. When I gave him food he was meowing like crazy.

Some of these reactions may be because he hasn't been home for a while.
But other physical reactions seem odd and they worry me.

The vet told me with every seizure a cat will have brain damage, you can't tell how serious it is and sometimes its very mild and you can't even notice it.
But since he had so many in such a short period of time I'm worried.
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I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I do hope he gets better in time. It might just be he has been away from home for awhile. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that he will be ok after a few days home. Sure sounds like he has been through alot lately. Hugs to Tom
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It's possible, BUT give him some time. I just went through something like that with one of my cats and it took her 3 weeks, but she finally recovered. I had to isolate her from my other cat for a while because he hissed at her, probably because she smelled sick. That 3 weeks was awful, but worth the extra effort. Good luck and let me know what happens.
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I would wonder if his vision hasn't been affected...by the dilated pupils, the not recognizing the others until he sniffed them, you may want to call and ask your vet or have his vision evaluated.

Poor fellow...what a tough week.
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I am sorry your cat is having such a rough time. I hope he gets better soon.
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He's better

He was laying in the sun today and his pupils reacted normally, they got smaller.
He can jump on and off my bed [he couldn't do that last night].
He's fine with my other kitties too, he's not showing fear, he's back to his normal self in that sense and he's letting kata lick him.
maybe at the vet he was a bit sedated, I was told they would sedate him during the morning but they didn't mention if he was still a bit out of it when I went to pick him up last night.

I'm still worried about the way he walks, its very strange. Sort of like a robot, and very slow.. he has to rest after taking a couple of steps.
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Awww I pray your kitty continues to recover!
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sounds like he is doing alot beter
keep it up Tom
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Is his blood sugar within normal limits now? Cognitive abnormalities are one of the most easily recognizable signs of hypoglycemia.

The symptoms you describe are consistent with dementia of some sort but I think it is too soon to tell whether or not it will be permanent. Give him some time to readjust. He should be fine even if he does have some mild brain damage.
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I'm glad Tom's doing better. Maybe because he's been so sick, its left him a little weak, hence his funny walk. Give it some time and it may improve.
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He's rapidly improving

the robotish walk has stopped today and he walks a bit faster [still not a normal walk but its better]. The rest in between walks are less frequent.

semiferal: his blood glucose was 214 this morning, its not that bad considering he is off insulin this week. I'm checking him frequently in case it suddenly drops or gets way to high.

to everyone that has replied: thank you for all the support and help
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