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Sneezing, and nasel disgarge in kitten???

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Hi Im new here!

My Kitten that I rescued from a group of barn cats has been sneezing alot and she some times sneezes out alot of wet muccus and also dry muccus from her nose. Shes been to our vet numerous times and been on antibiotics 3 times, and on a antihistimine type of medicine 2 times. She just ended the antihistamine yesterday. The vet says she has what alot of wild kittens get an Upper respitory infection. She says sometimes they just have to grow out of it. Lily has had all her 1st and 2nd shots. Im just really worried because sometimes she sneezes so many times at once, and so hard when the dried sticky stuff comes out that she puts her front feet up to her nose. I hate to see her like that. The past few days shes had a little fresh blood droplets in the dried muccus. Does anyone have any experience with this, or ideas on what to do for her. Im thinking I might take her to another vet. She seems to eat an drink ok, and she plays some with my other cat, but I think she could be a little more active then she is. Shes also been tested for the leukimia and Fiv and all was negative.

Thanks Gina
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Sounds like herpes to me. I would definitely have her in to the vet again ASAP if she is sneezing blood. Herpes in cats basically means a chronic upper respitory problem that varies severity. Your cat could have a flare up at times of stress, but be fine at other times. Some cats have a baseline- for my cat its chronic nasal discharge, sneezing and runny eyes. You can ask your vet about adding l-lysine to the food to boost the immune system, and their may be other treatments, such as prednisone and steriod shots, it depends on your cat. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion- I'm surprised the vet didn't suggest this as a possibility after 3 rounds of antibiotics and no success.
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I'm having the same problem with my kitten. We've just stopped the third round of antibiotics and there is still sneezing. In the beginning, there was blood in the mucous (he sprayed and stained all over my walls), but it's better now, non-bloody sneezes. However, I don't like to see my cats sick. They're already on lysine, but I'm going to take him into the vet to see about other possible treatments.
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I have the same problem with my kitten. I called the vet about blood in her mucous when she would sneeze and they said that sometimes if there is a lot of sneezing going on, the nasal cavity gets irratated and there will be a little blood along with the mucous.They said its pretty common and not to worry if there is a little blood mixed in, but if she starts bleeding out of her nose, bring her in.URI's are pretty common and they can range form severe to mild. Sometimes the infection holds on for a long time, especially in kittens. If she is still sick, try to keep her as quiet and comfortable as you can. Mabye talk with your vet about other options since the virus has stuck around. Good luck, I know its hard to see your baby sick.i hope she gets better soon.
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I would recommend promptly seeking the advice of a different Vet for your kitten. This is also very contagious, and she should be separated from your other cat if possible. Get well soon, little one!
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Oh gosh! I hope these kitties all get treated right away! Bless thier little hearts anyhow!
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I hope you soon find a solution to this problem with your cat. Get well little kitty.
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I want to thank everyone that has replyed to me on lily. The past 2 days now shes been better still sneezing some but not like before, with no blood in the muccus. Shes eating like a pig again, and drinking fine, and bouncing of the walls again. The vet said since shes better to see how she does off the meds that she might be on the mend and if not they will try something else. So we are hoping that shes on the mend with this cold. Her eyes were real clear with no gooey stuff today som were all hopefull. Thanks again.
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I am glad to know your cat seems to be improving. It is always good to have a happy ending.
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Horray!! I'm so glad she is feeling better!
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