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Who was Mr. Beaujangles?

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As I stated before a truly remarkable cat who found me was a Tom I named Mr. Beaujangles(and,yes,he could dance, but that, as they say, is another story. . . ) I had gone to New Orleans in March of 1975 with some friends and we truly intended to get wasted for Mardi Grau. Walking back to the hotel at about 3:00am I insisted I heard a faint cat cry down a dark alley up ahead. I have never been able to ignore that sound. To me it is as plaintiff as a baby's cry. The man I was with thought I was hearing things and refused to venture down the alley; said I was drunk and imagining things and he proceeded to leave me and press on to the Hotel. If I may take an aside for a moment; Girls, this is the test of a true relationship; love me, love cats and understand that I will take any and all risks to save them. . . . Needless to say, the man did not stay, but the kitten did! Back to the alley: I found behind some boxes and garbage, a soaked,half starved,no more than 4or5wks. old baby boy kitten. I wrapped him in a pair of long formal gloves and put him in my purse. Back at the hotel I dried him off and found some remains of Captain Jack's Cajun Fish(which he loved). On close inspection I saw him to be what I call a Tuxedo Cat. (black,short hair,white chest,belly and feet, black back, shoulders, and head and a black tail with an ample white tip. His face was white masked and he even had a black, kind of twisted or off-set mustache) Now, one thing you don't know about me is I am crazy about music, any and all music, and therefore since I found him in New Orleans, he immediately became Mr. Beaujangles. What a love he was and so intelligent (I know I say that a lot about all of my cats, but I have been really blessed. . . . .)He did a special kind of waltz around the kitchen every morning while I fixed the canned food for him and his adopted siblings(we had 5 at that particular time, I think.) I'm sure you are tiring of this reminescence, and I have to go for now since it is Sunday and my family (sister and her two girls and my brand new great nephew{only 4 wks old}) are due over here after church for spaghetti. Spaghetti is Smokey Josephina's favorite food and she will do her ballerina's dance to get a sauce covered noodle to play with,but that, as they say is another story. God bless you all and maybe I can come on back later tonite and tell you how I discovered Mr. Beaujangles ability to catch coasters.
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Another great story!

I know what you mean about the cat cries. I'm just like that - I can hear those kittens cries from miles away. Isn't it amazing how people who don't love cats can't hear them?

I also agree about the man advice I'm so lucky to have a hubby that not only understands but is also a cat rescuer in his own right! He too can hear cat cries and no alley is too dark for him!

About half a year ago was a case in point. I was walking down the street when I suddenly heard that unmistakenable sound of a kitten in distress. I looked and looked and finally realized he was stuck somewhere inside the engine of a parking car. I tried looking in there, but I am what you might say visually impaired so I couldn't see much. I figured my hawk-eyed hubby is the man for the job so I stayed by the car and phones him from my mobile phone.

Sure enough he left what he was doing, left his office and came to the rescue. A couple of hours later, him covered all over with black car dirt, a policeman taking notes (yes, we did call the cops - we thought maybe they can break into the car and get the hood of the engien up), lot sof neighbors gathered around (I knocked on all the doors in the nearby buliding, trying to locate the owner of the car...) - well, then suddenly the kitten decided he's has enough of this game... He jumped out of the engine and ran away! He was a feral, about 2 months old an we couldn't capture him. I wasn't too worried because there is a large maintained colony of ferals there and I guess he just went back home.

Sorry about the long story with the anti-climax It was just to show that good men are out there and you're right - you should only get a cat lover for a spouse!
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You are truly lucky to be married to a concerned cat lover.I have never been married, but not for lack of trying(teehee) Part of the problem was I spent 38 yrs. in a profession where most of the men are gay, but that's okay cause I couldn't have better friends. Any or all of them would come to my rescue at any time of the day or night; which is more than I can say for a list of past boyfriends. Another problem with a lot of straight men in my age bracket (over 50) is severe homophobia so they have a hard time accepting my friends let alone a house full of personality diversified felines. But still hope springs eternal in this somewhat senile brain and maybe the right man is still out there. My Uncle Max remained single until age 76 and then he met a lovely widow and they are as happy as newly weds. . . . . .
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threeleggedcat: I am thoroughly enjoying your stories. Please keep them coming!

I have to say that I am also married to a fantastic fella. He is so sensitive & loving, I have to be careful to not ask for too much, because he will knock himself out to do things for me.

three: you are right. Hope does spring eternal AND there are some fantastic men out there for us ladies.

Anne: who ever said that are brutes! Our fellas prove that theory wrong!!
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Meghan, Anne, Debby, or anyone how do I get those cute little moving icons or whatever in my stories. I am new to the whole computer thing and only access the Net via Webtv. (not to mention I am old and slightly senile, but willing to try and learn. . . . .) Threeleggedkat wants to surf! ! !
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When you post there's a link somewhere at the top of the page that says smilies (under where it says forums rules).

Just click on it (or on this link here to get the list of all the smilies and how to use them (they each have a "code" that you write in the post and shows up as a smilie).
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Yes...Just click on the simile list at the top of the page where you post, and it will give you a lovely little list of similies, and what to type in to produce them!

I have really enjoyed your stories!!!! I am so glad you have joined us!
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