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my cat is dragging her butt on the floor??

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Im new here. Tonight I noticed my female, 4 yr old, ragdoll was dragging her butt on the floor as she walked across it. This happened once before but she had a poop stuck to her fur...I took care of it. But this time she was dragging her butt and there was nothing there. She is a strickly indoor cat. I also have another indoor cat and a dog (pug) who only goes outside to "do his thing" and then comes back in the house. My daughter says that Jenny (my ragdoll) could have worms but isnt that unlikely since she is an indoor cat? I havent noticed her going in the litter box yet tonight but I am going to keep an eye on it. I was wondering if it could be a urinary tract infection. Im gonna keep an eye on her and if I have to take her to the vet I can do it on monday. She does share a litter box with my other cat who is acting normal. Anyone ever had their cat do this before? Thanks.
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Indoor cats can get worms too. I would head to the vet. they will probably give you some dewormer.
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This is kind of gross, so sorry in advance, but she probably has impacted anal glands. I had a cat who would "scoot" and that is what the vet said. Its a pretty easy fix though. Some groomers will clean out anal glands but your vet will do it. They have to squeeze in just the right spot back there and get gets the stuff out. Call the vet and see what they say. If you think it might be worms, you will have to bring her in anyway so just ask them then. Good luck!
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It could be parasites, plugged anal glands, or if she is long hair, she may need the hairs near her rump trimmed because they can get stuck inside and cause discomfort. But a vet's visit is the best bet.
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When kitten was doing that, it was because she was constipated. She only did this after coming out of the litterbox from trying to go to the bathroom and it lasted a couple days. I called the vet and just gave her a laxative. She got better quickly.
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