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weight gain ????

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My 3 yr old girl Mischka who has always been around 8 lbs started to gain weight. I attributed this on the new kitty being so obnoxious, when she does try to play he will come out of no where and go through her to get at whatever she was playing with first. This has made her very paranoid & has stopped playing. So she is not getting as much exercise. I have had her on purina om for about 2months and she was 10 lbs when I started and now is 11.5 lbs after eating this for a few months she is getting a cup of food a day, Vet said to cut down on the amount to 1/2 cup for another month and see if she looses any. I am worried because I can see she is uncomfortable she doesn't climb as easily as before. Is there medical reasons why she is gaining on a weight management food? Should I wait it out another month to see if things change or have tests done ASAP? Other than being uncomfortable all else with her is normal. I have also noticed that my other male Linx 2yrs seems to be picking on her more often, (the two boys play very rough with each other.) I got the baby because Linx picked on Mischka a lot before and figured another male to rough house with will give Mischka some slack and it did until now. Any ideas???
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Have you tried a wet food diet with a premium cat food? Dry food can cause weight gain in some cats. You could try a laser or cat dancer to get her to exercise.
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Does any one have any suggestions on a wet diet food to start her on? I really need to get her some help. I have always fed dry food. Is the wet diet going to be nutritious enough for my other two or will I have to continue to feed them apart? As for exercise she won't play with anything, she is always looking & waiting for him to jump in. If I separate them she hears him crying or scratching trying to get in to play and she will not play, he really has her intimidated. but he does not hurt her he just has to be "in" on EVERYTHING! Linx just lays back and when he has had enough he will put Sundance in his place. I wish she could do that with him too she did when Linx was the pain. thanks for any sharing!
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Your cats are beautiful, and I love your signature!
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Try science diet light dry food. I think they may make it in a canned food to but I am not sure. Get some cat trees/they are great exercise for cats.
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Science diet is not one of the best foods out there. A diet dry food will not work either, it is still dry food and loaded with carbs. Nutro Max and Nutro Natural are good. Also the Trader Joe's cat food is good. I have also heard good things about Natural Balance and Wellness. You want to look at the ingredients. Make sure that the first ingredients listed are the main ingredient such as Chicken. Don't buy anything that says Chicken Meal, byproducts or list an ingredient as "meat" Since it could be anything.
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Discuss possible rx canned I beleive there is an om canned( vets office has it but not sure if it was for a cat... science diet makes a canned and ask about otc wet ...
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Thanks for the replies I did get a wet food from the vet, will try that and see if anything changes, vet said it should be ok for the other too for a short time. paws crossed this helps her loose a little
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