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RarePuss's marshmallow?

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I looked at the website in your siggy, RarePuss, and it said marshmallow was purebred, but that he was a laperm/munchkin cross. What did it mean? Is it a registered breed? And he doesn't seem to have curly hair...
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i don't know what it means, but on the website it show's the cattery she got him from, http://laperm.com/ or calicorose cattery. If you click on alumni, you will find marshmallow!
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ohhh. they are called Snookums I looked. But i want to know if polydactyly is common in snookums.
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Is this "Snookums" breed - CFA registered? I've never heard of it.
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I don't think so, sam. It's a very new breed. i think that breeder is the one that came up with it. i'm not sure. It is cute. Her Marshmallow is one, and he is a polydactyl. I wonder if that is common in Munchkins or Snookums. He is cute, that's all i know. I await her response.
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