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Maybe keep some latex gloves in the car

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Hello! just a short story of my day today

so earlier today i was driving to my hair appointment down our hwy..and i noticed a poor small dog had been hit on the side of the road..i see a red thing around its neck, and think its a collar.

I turn around up at a light and drive back and flip a u-turn again to get on the side of the road where the dog was. i pull past it a bit and stop to get out after some cars passed by (i didnt want to seem like a weirdo looking at a dead dog) the poor little dog did have a red collar on with what looked to be a license..

but the collar was kind of up around the dogs neck and not so lose. i call my mom, almost crying, asking what should i do? (i mean jeez this is obviously someones pet, i dont know how it got out in the remote high way area) i call the shelter but of course those lazy @$$ people arent there to answer a phone, and they say (on the machine) if its an emergency to call the sheriffs dept. but i highly doubt this would be an emergency to the sheriff.

i feel very bad for leaving but i go to my hair appointment. on the way back (about 2-3 hours later) i can still see the pup on the side of the road. i just wish i could have done something, if i had latex gloves i so would have gotten that collar off and tried to do something, either with the license number or something. i hate how just because dogs can't talk, and aren't like the stuipd humans we are, (what can i say i like animals more than people im sure im not the onle one, lol) no one cares when one is dead on the side of the road - even if you can see a collar. i mean raccoons/possums is another story. but i just thought "god if my dog was dead on the side of the road and had its tags on, i would hope someone would try calling me". the dog looked to only have that one licence, nothing with a name/#. i hate how people leave animals out to rot sometimes. i am bringing latex gloves with me in my car just in case. so next time i can get the color off, the dog didnt even look to be dead that long there werent even any flies/bugs around it!..

i remember when i was younger me and my dad were riding bikes and we saw this poor white bloody dog in the road, everyone thought it was dead, but my dad looked closer and saw it was alive and immediatley took the towel off his head (he would wear like a towle underneath a baseball cap) and wrapped the dog up and we went knocking on the houses near by asking who's dog it was....
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What a sad story. I applaud you for at least trying to help the poor puppy I sure would want to know if my dog was dead, just to know that he isn't out there looking for his home. You did a good thing and don't feel bad for leaving. There wasn't anything you could have done

RIP little doggy
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I am sorry you had this experience today. You have a caring heart, but there isn't anything you could have done.
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Bless your heart for pulling over...it still amazes me how someone could hit it and not pull over to at least find out who it belongs to

RIP little doggy
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Aw, poor little doggy. That is a good idea to bring gloves along, just in case.

Rest in peace, little one!
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Dont feel strange or unusal about glooves. I carry a pair with me in my truck just for this reason. it sounds kinda strange to most people, but i cannot bear the thought a loving animal unfornately killed by a car, sit there and become target practice for everyother vehicle.
I am sorry for your experience with this dog, but having laytex gloves in your car is a good idea if you feel that way.
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I am happy you were there for this sweet dog!
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thank you! now that the search thing is up i can find my posts again! lol. but yea i talked to one of my moms friends about the gloves and she also thought it was such a great idea and never thought of it! and today there was a poor dead squirrel in the turn lane near my apt complex. in go to school in chico california and we are like squirrel city, lol. but its good to know (and im sure there are tons of poeple on this site) that feel the way i do with at least trying to help hit animals on the side of the road.
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