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Eureka Vaccums

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I've being watching the commercials on t.v about the Eureka Whirlwind vaccum and how they help reduce allergies from pet, dust, and the outdoors. Are they effective? Or what do you people recommend?
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I have a Dirt Devil Illusion bagless vac which also has the HEPA filters to keep dust, pet dander, etc down to a minimum. I love it, it was reasonably priced compared to others ( I think it was $179 but I cannot remember ), and I havent had any problems with it since I got it last year.

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a bagless vac. The only thing that I have experienced is the belt needs to be replace a bit more often that other vacs I have had. But they are quite inexpensive ,around $3.00 for a bag of 2.

By the way, it has all attachments right on board, so it is very easy to use and convenient.
Thumbs up from me!!
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I have one of those too Daniela..its awesome. Emptying the canister is way easier than changing a vaccuum bag.

Oops..forgot to add..I had a Eureka vacuum before my Dirt Devil and it broke down on me within 2 months. It was still on warranty so I took it back and exchanged it for the one I have now.
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I have the Amway vacuum cleaner, which is bagless with a HEPA filter. I really like it because it is sooooo powerful. It also has lots of handy attachments, and the hose is already attached to the vacuum, you just flip a switch. However, it is quite pricey (I think around $800); I got mine as a gift.

Sorry I don't know about the Eureka.
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I have a Kirby that's also a rug shampooer. I think it uses a bag though. I don't know. I don't vaccuum. I despise vaccuuming, so I make my boyfriend do it.
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Hey Melissa, we seem to be on the same page again!!
Nena10, I would definitly recommend the dirt devil. The hoses and attachements are very handy and easily accessible. I love it with the kids, I can pick up almost anything!!
But I wanted to add I also have a Shark ( available at Sears ). Its a hand held sort of like a "dustbuster" but so much more powerful. It comes with hoses etc so you can actually vaccuum the floor with it. Its great for quick pickups, or for areas like blinds or window sills. Not nearly as heavy or bulky as a full size vac but has almost as much power. I love mine, I keep it on the second floor so I can easily pick up stuff in the bathroom and the bedrooms. Great buy for $39.95!!!
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I have a Hoover bagless vacuume with the HEPA filter on it & love it! You should see all the hair & junk that sucker picks up ..... I paid around $160 for mine at Target. The bagless ones are well worth the money, IMO!

I also have a small hand-held vacuum cleaner ..... I think it's made by Hoover or Dirt Devil --- It works ok.

I also have a Bissell hand held steam cleaner that seems to work good, but dies out fairly quick even after it's been charged. What's a good full-size one to buy?
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Well, as far as carpet/apholstery steamers go, I have a Hoover as well. I don't remember the style name. Its pretty big, and I paid $259.00 last year for it. I think it works well, although I have had no luck getting out actual stains. Its good for the overall cleaning....we used it to do our carpets when we moved into our house. The water was BLACK, so obviously it picked up a lot of dirt. It has the apholstery attachements, and also is able to do bare floors.

In my opinion, its worth it if you have a lot of carpet that will need to be regularly cleaned. Especially if you have kids, or high traffic areas.
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I do have a Eureka Whirlwind vacuum cleaner. The price I paid for mine was quite reasonable, $150.00. It's quick and easy to use and the attachments are stored right on the vacuum cleaner for convenience. I have really been satisified with the way it picks up all the lint and cat hair off the carpet. There are two other filters besides the hempa filter which need to be checked and cleaned each time the cannister is emptied, but it's very quick and easy to do. The filters are all inexpensive and need to be replaced about every three months or depending on how much use the vacuum cleaner gets.
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Tigger, I also have the Hoover bagless with the HEPA filter!! I LOVE it!!! It picks up so much hair and dirt!!!!
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