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What a horrible morning!!

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Hi all,
I needed to vent and this is the only place I know that will understand what I just went through this morning. My 6 year old cat Dink somehow escaped from my house this morning. I ran to throw on clothes and some shoes and in that short time the neighbors German Shepard saw my cat, broke this chain and started to attack my cat. When I screamed at the dog he stopped but Dink ran up a telephone pole. He probably went up close to 50 ft. There were wires everywhere and he's up there crying I called the utility company and they basically said "so what we don't care", the fire department wouldn't come out and the police said they could come "shoot him down" I finally called a tree service and the guy said he could bring a bucket. To make a long story short the tree guy somehow managed to get around all the wires and got Dink down. He said he had 5 cats at home and was glad he could help me. Thank god there's still some nice people in the world. I have Dink inside now and he is fine but I'm not, I just can't seem to get this event out of my head. Sorry for the long post. LIke I said I just needed to vent.
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Whoa now thats an amazing survival story! Glad Dink is allright!
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Wow, What a scary morning! Glad he is ok!
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Oh my gosh.. I can just imagine how you must of felt. Thank goodness you found somebody to get your cat down for you! Thats a horrible feeling to see your cat stuck wayyyy up that high. I don't know what I would of done.
I'm glad Dink is ok and not hurt. Hugs to you and Dink...
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Susanmly: Yes I can relate! And I'm SOOO
glad that Dink got down with the tree guy's help!!

Shebs (who was quite fat
back then and not motivated to do much beyond sit out by the
front door) was chased up a tree 30 feet. I tried everything to get
her down (and everyone!) but no one would help.

I Finally got my neighbor at the time to lend me a very long painting
scaffold ladder thingy and I went up (i'm scared of heights)
and got her down.

I don't think she'd have been able to
get down on her own. Needless to say, Shebs never went
out the front door again, she always stayed in the back yard
(fenced). *She* had no desire to get stuck up a tree, LOL!
And neither did I!!

I'm glad it all ended well for you. Bet Dink doesn't EVER
try to go out that door again!!

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Yes I can definately relate! I'm so glad someone finally came out and helped. I would have been steamed at all of em, starting with the neighbors dog breaking the chain. How horrible!
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I'm glad for your story's happy ending! How scary!
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What a very traumatic scare for Dink & you! :yikes: And a wake-up call for the dog's owners - can you imagine if it had been a toddler running by?... I'm glad that your story has a good ending, but wow, what a scare. I hope that Dink doesn't try to get out anytime soon
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Thanks everyone!! Yes I feel like i'm eternally grateful to the tree guy. Dink would not have been able to get down himself as there was no place for him to turn around. He's still pretty stressed today but I'm actually worse. The pole is in the corner of my backyard and everytime I look up there, I get a sick feeling in my stomach.
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God bless you Mr. Tree Guy....werever you are!
What a story! I`m thankful that it ended well for both you and Dink. I`m sure it was very frightening for both of you.
I wonder too what would have happened if it had been a child...they certainly woul`nt have been able to climb a pole to save themselves!
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What a sweet man. He was great to do what he did. It is good to know there are some folks who care. I am thankful for the happy ending. Your neighbor's need to do something about the dog. It could have been a child.
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Bugaboo I agree with you a 100%!! You think they would have apoligized for the dogs behavior but when I told him he didn't really say anything he just went back inside. A little info on the dog: he's pretty young, maybe a year old or so and they keep him on a very short chain in their backyard. He is outside all the time and barks continuously. I get home from work and from about 6 to 10 at night he just barks and barks. I'm about ready to call the cops. After the whole thing with him attacking my cat, I have alot less tolerance for them or their dog.
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OH! Poor baby! I am sooooo glad someone had a heart and finally helped you and rescued Dink is he ok???? Phewee to the police,fire,and whoever else wouldnt help.
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It is illegal to keep a dog chained like that here.
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It's illegal to keep a dog chained like that here too --- "as the primary source of housing" --- but people do it anyway :.

"...the police said they could come 'shoot him down'... "
I bet the media would LOVE to get a hold of THAT line ...

That's my one fear is that somebody is going to make a dash out the door someday. Glad the tree-guy came (by the way, isn't riding up and down in a bucket with a chainsaw "manly"? ? Someone should tell him he's supposed to have 5 rottweilers instead of cats ...)
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We too have a neighbor with two chained dogs. However he got a different job and his girlfriend (wife??) well the German shorthaired pointer is hers and when she is home she has her dog for sure not chained up. I'm not sure about the other one-thankfully he isn't the smartest dog, just a realy big one and the cats tolerate him!!
I remember when I was young one of our cats ran up the electric pole and stayed up their a couple of day!! We has the power company come raise the bucket which we baited with steak and she went right in!! The funny thing is a couple of days later she went back up the pole and came down by herself!!
I'm sure your cat will calm down in a couple of day.
Can you perhaps contact the local animal control officer about your neighbor's dog??
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I am glad hearing that Dink is ok.
But I hate reading these stories about dogs being chained up
That poor GSD! He must be so lonely and understimulated and then probably got into trouble from his owners
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Yes he is definately loney and probably bored. I'm constantly going over there and giving him water. They leave one small bowl and its always knocked over. I have 2 big dogs myself and I know how much water they drink. Geez you think they'd get a clue.
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Originally Posted by susanmly
Yes he is definately loney and probably bored. I'm constantly going over there and giving him water. They leave one small bowl and its always knocked over. I have 2 big dogs myself and I know how much water they drink. Geez you think they'd get a clue.
its good to see that atleast someone cares a little for the poor dog a little

poor thing, whilst chasing your poor cat was wrong its probably the most fun he's ever had

both my cats have managed to get stuck on our shed roof and had to be climbed upto and grabbed

i think both of them have got stuck on our glass room too which is slanted. once i was in the kitchen and heard a thump, looked up to see Jupiter sliding down the glass! luckily i ran outside and managed to catch him before he fell! now we keep the upstairs windows shut! lol
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