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New Introductions

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Here is the deal. My friend owns a cat and she is considering getting another for a companion to her first while my friend works. I've read all the threads concerning introductions. But the thing is, my friend lives in a basement apartment. The living room she shares with another couple who rent the bedroom next to hers. While she is at work, the male cat Snyder stays in her room. That's were all the food, water, litterbox, and toys are kept. Snyder is let out when my friend is home from work. Snyder is a 7 month old neutered male. How can she do the introductions? I've told her to get a crate were the new cat is going to be. Put the litterbox in it together with her bed, litterbox, food and water. Plus some toys. Is this a good idea? Keep the crate in the living room to get the cats used to each other. And once they start to get along or at least tolerate each other, then she can eliminate the crate. I also told her to get another male who is about the same age as Snyder. Did I give good advice?
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young, you could get male or female probably - because they aren't totally "socialized" at that age (from what I have learned and was told), so the intros may (and I stress may) go much easier because they are so young. They love to play at that age so I would think that Snyder would be syked, but I don't know the kidden. I introduced a four year old to an 11 year old and man, I won't do that again! It was very stressful (they are "okay" - it's been about two months, and I'm sure they will end up buddies). But seven months is probably a good age to introduce and yes I would do the crate thing. Although, you may want to see who else responds ..... I've only done it once! and once is enough for me...sheeshh...:tounge2: :tounge2:
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I have read some of those new introduction threads also, and I have seen this recommended:

Your friend could also try rubbing Synder with a towel to get his scent on it. Then she would rub the same towel on the new kitten to get some of Snyder's scent on the kitten. A familiar scent on the kitten would probably help make the introduction go more smoothly.

I'm not sure, but I think it was either Sandie or Hissy who recommended doing this.
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My older cat, well, I didn't think she'd be that excited about a new cat, but Spidey was moving in anyway. He was a 5 week old feral rescue and needed a home. Well, I couldn't pick him up as I had to get my mom at the airport, the first day it was open after 9/11, and would be there forever. My boyfriend went and got him and simply plopped him in the living room. And that was that. No big deal for either of them! In fact, they got along really well right away, although they fight sometimes now. Must've been luck!
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