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Lovely Gift = Food for cat

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I bought my wife some nice roses and Buffy seems to think they are food for her?

Are they harmful to her?

I looked up some info on google and only learned that baby breath is harmful if accompanying the roses. I didn't see anything stating the actual roses are bad for her.

I am hesitanat about bringing them home as tBuffy will ALWAYS knock over the vase spilling out all the water on wood surfaces, etc. We figured a way to stop this now she is having lunch on the roses!
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No, roses should not be poisonous. Apple tree and pear tree are from the same family, right? But roses may be sticky!

But if you have some nourishing-thing in the water - this nourishing may be poisonous if the cat dricks the water!
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My hubby has given up on giving me flowers at home. He'll send them to work instead. Because no matter what we get that isn't poisonous, our little darlings will eat them and then promptly upchuck them somewhere.

The ASPCA has two lists - toxic and non-toxic.
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My hubby brings me flowers too....but I always put them in the :censor::censor::censor::censor: if i`m going to be out of the house or asleep so that the cats can`t get to them. (The flowers will keep much longer too!
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My Leo ate some roses and had a mildly upset tummy...no intestinal blockages, no poison, nothing serious. You might get a little vomitting, but that's probably as bad as it will get. If she does get an upset tummy, just make sure that she doesn't get dehydrated!
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I like roses in a salad every so often .. hummm wonders what si attracting kitty
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Yup, we call flowers in the house "cat salad" around here. They just have an irresistable smell to cats compared to all the other household smells. Smell good = eat this now.
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