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Two issues.... again!! :)

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Hi guys!

Here I go again with all the questions...

1 - Kiddie is doing great, he'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow and is such a delight! However, I've noticed that his little poo is very very hard. It's the right color but it's so hard it practically comes out dry! I meows when he pushes it out but afterwards he's purring and seems well. He has a bowel movement every night.

2 - Is there a way to get an older cat to bond with a kit? My cat Babs (4 years old) is the worst when it comes to other animals. She can't stand them! She growls and hisses... She had 3 litters before getting fixed and with the last litter, she only had one kitten (Toots, who died giving birth to Kiddie 3 weeks ago). Toots was the only kitten we kept and Babs and her were fine together until Toots turned about 5 months old. After that, Babs couldn't stand her; she would hiss, growl, spit at her, even if Toots was standing 20 feet away! And Toots never minded - she loved all other animals. So now Toots has passed away and we have Babs' grandson, our Kiddie (it's cute however because grandmother and grandson are identical orange tabby while Toots had a multicolored fur)... Anyways, we've tried introducing Babs to Toots - sometimes she just meows, jumps and runs away and sometimes she just hisses... Is there anything we can do? I'm just afraid Kiddie will start getting out of his box and walk around and be attacked by Babs (although she was not really violent with Toots but we never know)....

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It's good he's not constipated in that he's going every day but a bit softer would be good. You can add 2 drops of vegetable oil to the first feed of each day and see how that goes. Alternatively, you can give him a little dab (about the size of a match head) of Laxatone and see if that makes things better.

As for the introductions, Kiddie is still much too young. Babs is most likely confused as to what this little squawking thing is. When he's around 6-7 weeks, you can begin introductions properly. In the meantime, just make sure Kiddie cannot get out of his box by getting him a higher-sided box.
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Thank you Tania! I'll take your advice in both cases.
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Any chance of some pic's of the little man?
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I second that!!

How's Kiddie going?
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Kiddie's doing great. He is just so darn adorable! What a cute kitten... He loves being snuggled in our necks. If we dare to move him away from our bodies, he throws a tantrum! hahaha He'S walking more and more and we now feed him every 8 hours. He sleeps between and when we get him up for his bottle, we wash him and let him play around for about an hour. We tried taking pictures this week to realize that the batteries were dead... We need specific batteries so I'll try to buy some before the weekend and take some good pics of our little guy. He doesn't seem to be as chubby as before, just normal and cuddly. He's got big grey eyes. Cutie!!
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Thats great to here!! Its so wonderful to watch them grow up from being wee little bubbas!!!
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