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hypoglicemia - the after effects?

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Tom had a severe case of hypoglicemia on thursday. The number was so low it didn't register. He had convulsions. I left him at the vet while they gave him glucose and in the afternoon I changed vets.

The reason this happened was because Tom was already hypoglicemic on wednesday [BG 27], the vet told me to continue with the same insulin dosis.
I thought that was odd so I gave him less insulin the next morning.

He started flinching.. I rushed to the vet and over there he had convulsions.
The vet should've changed his insulin dose.. this should have never happened.
Thats why I changed vets.

At the new vet Tom seemed fine yesterday morning.. but during the afternoon he was fed, then given a tiny dose of insulin and he started with convulsions again.. longer convulsions this time.
The vet checked his blood glucose, it was 350!

This is very strange, Tom has been on glucose for 2 days, he had eaten.. the convulsions shouldn't of happened.. not with a BG of 350.

The vet is suspecting tom might not be diabetic, but he still isn't sure. He says tom could have another disease.. He isn't basing his suspicion only on what happened yesterday, he checked toms history chart and tom has already hypo'd 3 times [he was only diagnosed a month and a half ago].
He seems to always end up having hypoglicemia no matter how much we lower the dose.

I wrote about this on a feline diabetic forum and they said convulsions can continue happening for a few days afterwards if the hypoglicemia was severe.
Does anyone know why?
Does anyone have a link that might explain to me what happens after a severe case of hypoglicemia? I can only find websites that tell me what to do during hypoglicemia.
could he not be diabetic? then why was he with a blood glucose of 350?

help? anything will help me right now.
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I am so sorry...what a lot Tom (and you) have been going through

Here is an article I found on Hypoglycemia and cats: click here
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thank you
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