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my elbow and shoulder hurt

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you know that annoying feeling that you get after you hit the nerve in your elbow? well, I seem to have it almost all the time now. Goes up to my shoulder too. It's not a very strong pain but it gets annoying.

Since I started school again in September, I've been spending hours every day taking notes, writting, etc. I think it is causing strain on my shoulder and elbow. Now I'm scared that it will get worse and affect my ability to continue school. Right now it's just an annoyance but what if it got worse?

Anyways, I think I should go see a doctor soon.

Has anyone ever had that kind of problem?
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Sometimes I get that feeling, but I have injured discs in my neck from an auto accident. Do your fingers get numb or tingly, like you're standing outside in the cold? Anyway, a trip to the doctor, hopefully one who specializes in sports medicine, is definitely called for , to rule out any neurological problems. Untreated, this could affect your schooling, but there are so many new treatments & drugs out there that you probably could control the problem, if not eliminate it entirely! {{{Prayers & healing vibes}}} coming your way!
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no, my fingers don't hurt or feel tingly.
sometimes my wrist is sore as well but it's mostly my elbow and shoulder.

it gets worse when I write for a long time and it's only in my right arm so I'm pretty sure it's work-related. I'll go see a doctor soon.
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I've had similar problems. It sounds like tendonitis. I have found the following things help: deep-muscle massage therapy, frequent breaks for stretching (my massage therapist helped with this and the book Stretching), ice and heat therapy, taking anti-inflammatories.

You should follow through with the doctor because this pain can lead to more serious injury. Good luck.
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ive had a frozen sholder for well over a year now.and even with physio ive got mobilty back but stuck with the pain,
id advise you to go to the doctors and dont do what i did leave it too long,it will only get worse.
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boys mum gave you some good advice. I hope you feel better soon.
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Sounds sore! Definitly go see a doctor
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