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unusual habits

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Hi there
My new kitten has an unusual habit.
He likes to use our bathtub as a toilet.
He has even hoped in with me while I was showering for a wee.
He doesn't use it when it is dry, only while or after a shower.
This is most unsettling!
Any ideas?
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Since he is doing it in front of you, I would take him to the vet to ensure he doesn't have crystal or blood in his urine that he is trying to show you. If he gets a clean bill of healthy, you could try keeping him out of the bathroom while the shower is wet (or at least while your in it) or putting those plastic office mats spikey side up in the tub. You'd have to cut it to the right size, but it would be a good deterrant. Do get your cat checked though with a urinalysis to rule out any medical issues. My mom's cat started peeing in the bathtub to let us know something was wrong.
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I wonder if he just likes that the smell is diluted fast when he goes in the wet, or possibly thinks it's a new kind of clean smelling litter box. Just close the door when you're done and keep him out.
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has he been to the vet? he needs to go to the vet to be checked over.
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