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unusual habits

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my kitten has an unusual habit. He has been with us for about 5 or 6 weeks. He likes to use the bathtub as a toilet. He will even hope in when I am having a shower and have a wee! He doesn't use it when it is dry, but rather hops in after it has been used. How odd!! I can't imagine this is normal. Any ideas what I should do??!!
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WOW! Now that is a "FIRST" for me!
I`m afraid I can`t help you with this one....but i`m sure someone else wil be around here soon to offer some advise. (He`ll even jusmp in when the water is running, huh?)
Could it be he hears the water running and thinks that what you are doing...so figures that is the place to do it? Or does he poo there too?
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Oh...just thought i`d tell you...one of the Mods will most likely come along and move this post to the BEHAVIOR forum soon...where it will be better seen by those who can help you...so if you look for it, to check for replys and can`t find it , that`s probably where you`ll need to go and look.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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lol, that is really funny - my older cat sometimes does it, when he needs to go to toilet at night (he is a mainly out-door cat, so we don't have a cat toilet), but I guess there is no need to change it.... you have just saved yourself tons of cash, by not having to buy cat-litter.....
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Please get your cat to the vet quickly. Cats that pee in the shower usually do so because they do not feel good. He needs to be checked for a bacterial infection in his bladder.
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