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My kitten, Timmy, started last friday with seizures.
That is the most scariest thing I've ever experiensed. He's taken several blood tests to find out what it can be and a biopsi is sent to Germany to find out if he's got FIP. But he hasn't got other symptoms relevated to FIP, but we took a test to be sure.
When the seizures got worse and he wet and pooped himself, we got some valium to calm him, and that helped for so long.
Yesterday, the vet took a MRI of his brain and he said it was an infection that had caused a swelling on his brain. He thought it was Toxoplasmo, but to be sure we have to take another blood-test at monday.
We got antibiotics and cortisonsteroid to give him for a month, and then he will be allright, he said.
Besides the seizures, he is acting normal. Eats and plays with the other cats..
Does anyone here have experience with Toxoplasmo?
The vet hasn't given us much information, I believe that's because the vets here in Norway aren't that experienced with cats with seizures/epilepsy...
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I haven't had any experience with toxoplasmosis in cats, but I did find an article on it from Cornell University. http://www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc/resou...hure/toxo.html
Timmy will be in my thoughts.
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