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Ragdoll size

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Hi! just a question about the size of a ragdoll cat I know. She is a tiny sweet little thing, she is about 3 kilos in weight and has very delicate features. She is a Lilac lynx in color, with a soft short coat, she has the most beautiful blue eyes. As she is already 15 months old I dont think that she will get any bigger. Now, am I right in thinking ,that as a ragdoll, she should be a very big long haired cat. I am just interested in this because I have two 4 year olds that are large long haired cats.

She eats a lot for such a little cat and she had her annual booster last week and the vet didn't comment on her size at all. Thanks Debbie
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Most Ragdolls do tend to be big cats, but some are also smaller. The females are usually smaller than the males as well. Were either of her parents on the small side? As long as she is healthy and active I wouldn't worry too much.

Also, Ragdolls don't reach their full size until almost 3 yrs, so she might continue to grow.
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Ragdolls will be full weight at about 4 years old and are slow developing cats. I have 2 petigreed Ragdolls (mother and daughter) The mother is 4 1/2 years old and is smaller at about 11 pounds while her lovely daughter is 3 years old and about the same wieght but is much taller and should fill out. Males on the average weigh 5 pounds more than the females
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