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My Halloween "kitty"-o-lantern

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Thought I'd share.

There are whiskers, but they didn't come out in the picture.

Anyone else have a cool jack-o-lantern to share??
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That is so cool! Suppose to do mine tomorrow afternoon.
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That's pretty cool!
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That is an OUTSTANDING job - that is so cool! Did you use a pattern? That would be a great item to have, all year long! your neighbors should be envious!
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Fantabulous work!!! That really looks amazing!
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That's brilliant!
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Wow, that's so fantastic!You're so creative and talented!
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Wow! That looks great!!
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That is awsome!!!
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Good job!
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Yay! More pumpkins!!!!
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That looks so good!
I make a Kitty O lantern every year for Halloween
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I made a kitty'o lantern too. Here's mine.

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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
Anyone else have a cool jack-o-lantern to share??
I should be able to take a webcam picture of mine after I finish carving them Sunday...
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Thanks for all the compliments. I didn't use a pattern...I just drew it on a peice of paper and transferred it to the pumpkin. With Zoe as my model, of course. hehe

HeatherRagan, your kitty-lantern is so cute!!

I can't wait to see more!
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I love the "kitty o'lanterns"! Both look great. What a good idea.
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