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Friday Daily Thread

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So, far it's been a rough morning. I had a brand new bar of soap in the shower and kept dropping it and the last time I dropped it, it hit the bone on the inside of my ankle and it still hurts! Then I spilled all my cereal milk on the carpet. The rain predicted came this morning istead of this afternoon so it made me run late (I have to leave at least 15 minutes early when it's raining and on Fridays I get up later since traffic is lighter). Since I was running late I had to do half of my make-up in the car, but only at complete stops and stop lights! While I was doing my make up I dropped my eye shadow applicator and it slid down the side of the seat and under my seat, but not before getting some eyeshadow on my shirt. I ended up being 15 minutes late to work. This is my Friday so far, how's everybody else?
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Well Sfell... I think I can safely say - so far my Friday has been a hec of alot better than yours!! :laughing: - hope it gets better for you!!
My Friday has been unbelievably booooring, I am the only one in the office yet again and its deathly quiet here today... YAWN.... still at least I've had time to read my book!
Last night we had some good news that the people who's house we're buying have found a place, so hopefully it won't be too much longer till we actually move.... going to do some packing tonight.

Well, I have a headache, but only two hours to go till I can leave work.... and the weather is glorious!! Sunny and bright but nice and chilly... just how I like it!
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Oh Sabra, I hate days that start like that! At least it pretty much has to get better from there!

My Friday has been pretty boring so far. Got up and fed the kids, checked the board, talked on the phone some. Now I'm going to go shower and try to get the house back in some semblance of order. When I'm sick, the house falls apart. I still feel bad, but I just can't stand the house any longer. Also, I'm just starting to accept the fact that I'll have to be like this for quite a while. So buck up and stop whining, Dawn!

The kids are going stir crazy. They haven't gotten any exercise or play time all week except one hour on Wednesday. I feel bad for them but what can you do?

Today it's supposed to get up to 70 degrees, and tomorrow it may snow. Gotta love Texas weather.
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It seems like I am on the stupid people line at work today. I asked one lady for her complete address & all she gave me was the street number - not even the street name! Hello! Another lady (an employer) has had some working for her for 6 months & never checked to see if the person was legally allowed to work in Canada (they aren't) and wants to know what to do. I wanted to say get another job, because once you company gets fined for hiring some one who isn't allowed to work chances are you'll be let go. Of course I didn't. At least they aren't yelling at me today. At least it is Friday!
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Brrr! Racer is waiting at the gate, he has already rang his big chimes several times impatiently wanting his morning feed, and I am trying to gear up to go outside and brave the cold. I over-fed him last night as the temp was predicted to drop down, and I covered all the cages for the critters too so they would stay warm. One more cup of coffee and then it will be outside for me all day picking up debris. But it is so warm in the house right now!

sabra sorry you are having all these mishaps today. Those bars of soap can really hurt when they hit the right places! hope your afternoon and evening smooth out soon.

And Dawn sorry you are still feeling punky. I know what you mean about a house getting on your nerves because it is dirty. Right now, mine looks like the windstorm happened inside instead of out! LOL I told myself that tonight will be when I clean it all up and make it right!

Hope everyone has a good Friday. I'm off to do the grunt work now!
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Yesterday was my bad day ~ my best friend left her long term boyfriend ... to make a long story short I left work, spent a few hours getting her situated in her new place, left her all the extra cash I had, promised to help her move the rest of her things on Saturday... only to hear later that day she's pretty sure she's going back to the slime ball. But you know, I understand how she feels...

Today it's snowing like crazy. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person left that still loves the snow!

I get to spend the day cleaning my house since my S/O's father called yesterday to let us know he'll be here from Texas tomorrow. Nothing like a little bit of a notice, eh? Well, I'm considering myself lucky he called and didn't just show up on the doorstep!

Dawn, I sure wish you felt better! But at least it sounds like your attitude about being sick is improving which is better than nothing!

Hissy, don't get too cold out there!

Everyone else ~ Have a terrific day!
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Already getting better! I just got my Girl Scout Cookies from the daughter of a lady that works with me! Yummy, now I have a snack!
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I woke up and successfully resisted the urge to call Jim. Small victory. I'm so lonely.

Sparky is picking on Fred. I mean, really growling and menacing. I don't need this. I think when Jim gets his own place, he needs to take Fred. But that won't be for a while.

Lauren is playing outside. It's a little chilly and not at all sunny, but no precipitation so I guess it's okay.

I have some phone calls to make. Jim is supposed to come by at lunchtime and give me some money. I'm planning to move some of his boxes onto the porch. Later I'll move them to storage, but for now I just want them out of my way.

Why on earth did he even bother to unpack all his computer stuff into the computer desk armoire thingie? He could at least have unpacked some of Lauren's stuff or something else helpful like that!

Lauren has a playdate this afternoon. I don't want to overstay out welcome, but I'll be in no hurry to leave. I hate coming home and being alone all night. {sigh} I told Jim that I was lonely and he was like, "How is that different from when I was there, one of us in the living room and the other in the bedroom?" But of course I thought he loved me and was depressed and needed space, I wasn't thinking that he was intentionally avoiding being with me.

At least I have found out that Social Security has all my past work records, so I can reconstruct my resume. And several people have made suggestions about possible employers, so I don't feel as overwhelmed about that.

Grey day and grey mood, but perhaps the sun will come out later.
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Last night I receive my first check from the grant. Its a big check and I need to deposit it into the bank. $1450.00 to be exact! I have to be careful with a check like that. Too many people know how to cash checks that aren't theirs. So immediately after school, I am off to the bank. Another meatless friday. And I am hungry. I think I will either have a salad(I was going to mcdonalds or buy a pizza for my kids but almost forgot, NO meat today!). Maybe I will go to the store and buy some fish burgers! Or some fish sticks. I love those. I wish there was a Skippers nearby. The nearest one is 15 minutes away. Or maybe just fix me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I will be working today. I am getting sick of it! Everyday, I go to work, and its a mess. Coffee is not made and fresh. Floor and bathroom messy! And the manager's son, who is a totally boring person who does not know a thing about customer service is driving me nuts!

Sfell- hope your day goes by fast! Have a good weekend everyone!
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Alicia - grilled chesse is a great metless dish that is easy to prepare for your kids. I used to get it alot as a child during Lent as I don't overly like fish.
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Ady- thanks for reminding me! I also do quesadillas(melted cheese on tortillas!)
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I used to like a strange fake fried rice dish. You use a 1-2 cups of cooked rice, one egg, and a can of tuna, all sauted together in a frying pan, and add soy sauce to taste. I remember that it was salty, and I used to crave salt.

Refried beans should be okay, my daughter loves a bean burrito. Spaghetti with red sauce, salad, crusty bread is a good choice. If you feel like it, you might go down to the library and spend some time with the cookbooks. Lots of Asian cookbooks have meatless recipes - tofu is a good source of protein and there are ways to cook it so it isn't noticeable and odd. I like Indian food a great deal for meatless dishes. Italian food is often meatless - think eggplant parmagiana or lasagna primavera. Kosher cookbooks often have meatless dishes too. Plus of course any vegetarian cookbook is full of meatless meals.

good for you for keeping Lent! I'm not up for it this year, but I've found it very rewarding when I've done it in the past.
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