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Food colouring a safe dye?

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I'm thinking about turning Sammy's white spots orange for Hallowe'en using food colouring. Has anyone ever done this before? If so, how long did the colour last for? As far as I know, there's nothing in it that will hurt him. Right??

Any pictures of your funny coloured fur-babies would be lovely! [Edit: I forgot, posting pics in down for a while....but once it's back, please share!]
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Food coloring is a safe dye, BUT it's a DYE and Sammy's white spots are likely to be orange for a LOT longer than you really want them to be! I can recall folks who thought they would make a nice, cheap blue body make-up to be some sort of an alien by adding blue food coloring to body lotion. They were a vague shade of blue for some time ...
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What about using something natural like beets?

My ex had a cat that was dyed with food coloring- it was the campus cat. It lasted for about 3-4 months! Both co-owners were pretty ticked. Turns out, years later the co-owners sorta girlfriend confessed to me that she did it. She was mad at the co-owner as usual. I don't think it harmed the cat- maybe his dignity a little. There is a book about painting cats, I can't remember what the paint was made of.
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Red and Orange dye (orange is made of red and yellow) will probably not ever come out....your kitty will most likely have to "grow" it out....so, yes, he could be orange for a very long time!
My grandaughter once dropped an orange popsicle on my beige carpeting...adn NOTHING EVER took it out...and believ me...I tried it all!
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