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Boxes are better ...

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... if they barely fit! Mithril decided to "help" me look for some old pix:
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Awwww...I'm weak with sweetness. What an amazing tail Mithril.
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Well, he only just moved out , but first...

Take a gooooood stretch:

Re-arrange the body:

Then take a swipe at your brother who is disturbing your nice nap ...
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You have gorgeous cats! Is he really lying on your pics?
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Beautiful cats, but i love your footstool
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Heh, most of them are on the table in front of the betta aquarium, but he's still lying on a goodly few!

The little footstool was an accidental find from Michael's (a local arts/crafts/home decor store.) I liked the style and it happened to be on sale for $25.00 (about 14.00 GBP) ! Couldn't pass that up !
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A true bargain
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As always they are beautiful kitties!
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They’re adorable.
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I can see why you named him Mithril. He is a truly unique silver, like the metal in the "Lord of the Rings". Very beautiful. And his bro isn't bad either.
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They both look so soft and silky. I'm just aching to pet them. Alas I am too far away, so you'll have to pet them for me. Lotz
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Mithril is gorgeous!! His brother is pretty goodlooking himself too!
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Cute photos! Kitties in boxes =
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Those are brilliant!
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Great photos of your gorgeous kitties! I love the way cats always want to squeeze into the smallest of boxes!
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I always enjoy photos of your boys!!! They are just beautiful!!
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I always love pics of your boys!
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