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Lombardi's eye look absolutely GORGEOUS in the baby picture! So cute! All the baby pics are adorable, love the ones of Sophie Grace and the one of Jaiden
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Mine aren't from the shelter they are from the street-

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My family adopted Stinky from our local animal shelter at 1 1/2 years old. In front of the animal hospital was a dumpster, which Stinky lived inside during his first weeks as a kitten, until he was old enough to climb out. Then he would roam around looking for some food. The vet staff would feed him and a few other kitties. One spring day, the hospital doors were left open, and Stinky came walking in, so instantly they fell in love with him. They had him next to some kittens with there mother, but since he was not related to them he was in a cage all by himself. He got his name because he smelt, but also because they said he loved to smell different things, so thats why he got his name. At the time I was in the vet office with Flash, and I actually took her over to him because I felt bad that alot of black and white cats dont find homes. Months pass and someone adopted Stinky. But unfortunetly Stinky wasnt neutered, and the older male cat in the house would fight and beat up Stinky, so he was returned, but now to our shelter, not the animal hospital. He sat in his cage alone until he was an adult, and he was labeled as having a behavioral problem, biting aggresion. Probably because his whole kittenhood was spent alone in a cage, then the only cat he saw taught him to fight and act aggressive. Then my mom got a job at the animal shelter, and each day she would pass and Stinky would reach his paw out to her. We found this outand decided to adopt him, because he was due to be put down within a few days. We brought him home but all he would do is beat my other cat up, for 3 days she would not eat or use the litterbox. Then he bit her stomach and got into a major fight with her, she got cut and she sliced Stinky's nose. If this did not get better we would have had to bring him back. After a few months they got used to eachother and ocassioanlly play, so it worked out. It turns out Stinky is super-hyper, and gallops like a horse! He loves to play and we are happy we adopted him.

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Here is Molly when we first got her from our local Cats Protection League:

Here is Susie who came from another CPL shelter, on the day we brought her home:

Here she is with her big brother, Bobby, a Border Terrier X Jack Russell Terrier, last summer:

And here she is relaxing a couple of days ago:

Penny V.
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Originally Posted by AshleyNicole
You're kitties are all sooo cute! I love the Poptart baby pic. Are Orion and Nacho brothers? They look so much alike!
When poptart came to me he was so sick.. I didn't think he would make it. He was on antibiotics almost all the time till he was about 6 months old.

Yes Nacho and Orion are brothers as well.. they used to belong to my brother.. but he couldnt' afford them anymroe so we took them in
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Here's our goofy girl, Iris. (So named because she has two different colored eyes.) She and her siblings were in a high-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles. A local rescue group scooped them up and brought them down to San Diego, where we met them. I don't know what their circumstances were previous to us meeting them, but Iris was very underweight, has a bunch of cricks in her tail (don't know if it's genetic or if it's been broken in a few spots), is very needy, tends to bully to make sure she gets her fair share and more of food and attention, and is our sweet-not-so-smart-but-precious little girl.

As a too-skinny-kitten:

Now, at a healthier weight...though she'll probably always be on the small side.
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Jack Daniels Joe Mason:

He was found wandering the streets and taken to a shelter before I adopted him.
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His first night home.
Brave and mighty hunter vs. crappy camera.
Clover wins!

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His first night home.
Brave and mighty hunter vs. crappy camera.
Clover wins!

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Here is my shy little Abby - adopted from a local shelter on January 13, 2005

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Here's Usva. She was abandoned in a forest as a baby with her siblings in 1999. The kittens were rescued by my sisters friend, as we learned a few years later. She got a home, but was returned to the shelter in 2000, because the familys older cat couldn't stand her. From there she moved to live with us. She got the cat flu and heat the second day she was with us and I had taken a nasty fall that nearly broke my neck with my bike a few days before, so we were sick together, side by side 24/7 for the first two weeks. We've been inseparable ever since, aguess she's the cat of my life. She was very insecure at first, but gained a lot more confidence within a year.

Milla was abandoned with her mother and brother or her mother was abandoned and had kittens afterwards, I'm not sure. She wasn't taken to the city shelter, she had the luck of finding a private foster home. Her mother Inessa also got a new home, the foster home wanted to keep her brother Ralle themselves. We adopted her as a 15 week old kitten in 2003. She immediately charmed us all: My sister was living with us at the time and she still tries to steel sweet Milla from me. She isn't really as fat as she looks in the picture.
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We had been living in no-pets apartments for 2 years. When we finally bought our house in 2003, we went to the SPCA of Central Florida "just to look" and we found Zero. The last of his litter, he was just too cute to pass up now that we had a home to offer.

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Originally Posted by mercymanic
Gorgeous kitties AND a rather stunning kitchen!
Have to agree with that!
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Originally Posted by batgirl2good
How old is she now?
Oh, I'm sorry I didn't answer - I didn't see this. I just looked it up, and she was 14 on Jan 8, 2004. So I think we'll celebrate her 16th birthday on Jan 8, 2006!
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Here is my precious Shelter Kitty not long after I brought her home, she was so pitiful!

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Oh my goodness look at those ears!!!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
Oh my goodness look at those ears!!!
Haha! I know! She's grown into them a bit now, she was so thin when I got her that they looked even bigger!
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