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Let's See Everyone's Shelter Kitties!

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Well, with the trend of breed threads popping up (not to mention the color and pattern specific threads!), I thought I'd give shed a special spotlight on one group of kitties that I hold near and dear to my heart...the shelter kitties! So, if your baby is a shelter alumna/alumnus, post some pictures and tell their stories here! After all, all kitties are terrific, from the purebreds to the alley cats!

I'll get us started:

Here's Leo, who was adopted in July, 2004 from the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society. He was taken in off the streets by a couple, who tried to give him a new home. After a few weeks of Leo (then Gabriel) being a) terrified of the couple's young son and b) sort of mildly neglected, the couple dropped him off at anti-cruelty where he stayed for several weeks before I found him.

There's the Lola-Pola, who was adopted from Tree House Animal Foundation July, 2005. She was found as an abanoned infant...no mom or littermates could be found. She was hand raised at Tree House under the name Chicky Baby and merged with a 7 week old litter that came in when she was around the same age. This proved to be a bad idea as she tried to love her "littermates" and they sort of beat up on her. So, she lived a somewhat lonely existence with her only friend, Guatemala. Around the time that I was looking to adopt, Guatemala came down with a URI and had to immediately be isolated from Lola, leaving her up for single adoption to a family with at least one existing cat. Enter me!
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Way to go Allie! A thread my girls fit in .
Eppie found me when I was visiting the Athens Humane Society in Jan. 2002. I was looking for a kitten, but I saw Eponine (she was almost a year old) and just fell in love. I took her home the next day and my life has absolutely not been the same since .

Cosette came from the Savannah Humane Society. I spent a few months looking for the right kitten (I really wanted the kitten experience). I fell in love with these 2 6-week-old tuxies. I was playing with one in the kitten room and ran to the front desk saying that I wanted to adopt her. Well, turned out she had already been adopted (they people who adopted her actually picked her up while I was there, so I got to meet them), so then I yelled "I want Donna!" (Her sister, the other tuxie). "Donna" was much shier than her sister, hiding under the chair in the kitten room while I was in there. Well, "Donna" was available and the next day, "Donna" became Cosette and turned our home upside-down in a good way .
Cosette her first day in her new home.

Love my 2 shelter kitties!
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Hooray for shelter kitties! Hopefully I'll have pic's to post here soon. Still no word on Bobby.
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I myself do not own any shelter cats....

Emmet we save from a previous owner...

Doofus showed up at our front door in zero degree weather.....

Mabby was privatly adopted from a women who does TNR's

And poppy we saved from a previous owner......

However.... My parents recently got a shealter cat, a georgeous boy named Gus....heres a pic......

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Ozzy was from a shelter, but as you see, he's well settled with us now.
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Carly was a shelter cat whose days were numbered. A local rescue group (Every Creature Counts) goes around and saves as many as they can on the "Kill" list. My husband and his friend met up with Carly while the rescue group was showing her at PetsMart and she just charmed them. After a long debate, we went for a third cat and she is the sweetest thing. Her tail and back leg were broken a long time ago (we had our vet do some baseline x-rays) so while she walks and jumps just fine, her poor tail just hangs there.

Lucy fortunately wasn't a shelter kitty. Her mother was found outside by one of our vet's vet techs. She was born at the vet and raised there. She was the last kitten left to adopt and we just loved her spunkiness.

Dear sweet Much and her brother was saved by my husband's sister-in-law when they were just kittens. She was out in California and showed up with these two adorable little Manx kittens saying that they were to be put down at the shelter there. My mother-in-law took one and hubby got this sweet girl.

My dear sweet Petunia (RIP) was the first cat I had. She was also a shelter kitty. A tiny little kitten in a cage all by herself, I never knew her past. But she was loyal and loving to me for 15 years. She also taught me about patience and cats.

Now we're at our limit (according to city laws and my sanity). But I wouldn't hesitate to find another shelter kitty.
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I don't have lots of photos of Tigger, she always looks grumpy.

We got Tigger almost 2 years ago from a no-kill shelter when she was 14 - no one else wanted such an old kitty. Her owner had died and had 10 cats. Tigger was tired of the 10 cat scene!
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Here's Poodle, who we got from a shelter:

And Kiera, another former shelter kitty (Not mine, a friend's):

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That's my gang.
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Originally Posted by StephenM

That's my gang.
Wow, that's one gorgeous gang!
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Gorgeous kitties AND a rather stunning kitchen!
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This is Peanut, she was adopted in 2001 from the New Orleans SPCA.

Simon was adopted May 1, 2004 from the Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter in NO.
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Only 1 of mine is a shelter kitty, but all are rescues- one was abandoned and the other was outside. Rocky is the shelter one. Here he is May of 2004, all of 2 1/2 pounds.

We couldn't resist. And now: The sneezy yet snuggly, kissy and friendly Rocky!
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shelter kitties are very special arent they?

what a wonderful wonderful thread to start... thankyou

both my boys are shelter kitties

Tipsy - who would believe that I was told this boy would not live through the month

Cedar - king of the castle - well king of us humans anyway!

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Just look at all these gorgeous babies!
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My babies are both shelter babies, sort of. Oliver was adopted from a shelter in upstate NY via Petsmart. He was just a teeny little baby in a litter of three (at least three were left) tuxies: one who looked just like him and one grey/white tuxie.

He sure loved those Adirondack winters!

Emma was found hiding beneath a pile of garbage in an alley in Chicago last winter by a woman who works for a doggy-day-care center. Through a mutual friend, I heard about her and went to see her as I was on the "hunt" for a buddy for Olly. It was love at first site, and soon she was a part of our household.

Emma says: "Whatchoo want? Get outta my face with that thing!"

Lots of Tuxie snuggles at my house!
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I don't have any shelter kitties but I have baby Lily who was almost dumped off somewhere.

This is the only pic I have of her. She wont sit still long enough to let me get one
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I love this thread! My Marlee will fit in nicely here, hopefully I will finally have pics by the end of the weekend! (If the site is ready for pictures). I've had her for about a month and a half, got her from a very over-crowded shelter in a near-by town. I went it and was overwhelmed by the cages and cage/rooms FILLED with cats and kittens of all ages. I saw a cage with a tail-less mommy (pretty sure she was Manx, sure looked like it, as did all kitties) and three little babies. One tortie (mine), a dilute tortie/calico, and a orange tabby. The tabby caught my eye b/c he was the most energetic, but when I saw baby Marlee hiding by mom she stole my heart instantly. I paid for her, and picked her several days later after her spay. She was sick for several weeks, but is now the light of my life!
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Dazee was adopted June 22nd, 2005 through Humane Society/ PetSmart.

I had lost a week old abandoned kitten earlier that morning, had no intention on getting another pet so soon.

4 months later, she's still as playable as the afternoon we met. Here she is taking a break in the kitty tunnel/ cat bed.
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Only 2 of my four cats are shelter cats to date.

Kuce was adopted from a kill shelter in June of 2002 just short of being PTS. We don't know her history or her breed other than she's a Van pattern and she's hovering around 12 years old now. She is currently the reigning top cat.

Sphinx RB kitty) was adopted along with Kuce from the same shelter under the same circumstances. He was thought to be a Siamese mix and was top cat until he passed away in 2004 due to cancer. He was about 18-19 years old at his passing.

Both Luvbug and Lil' Jag are strays we took in from our neighborhood so I'm not sure if they are counted in this thread.
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Poptart when he first came into my care.. at 4 weeks old.. one of my first foster babies. That was about.. June.. ealry june.. now he is a year and a half.. weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs. And was under a pound when we first got him.

Poptart now.

Gordto is Poptarts brother.. they were brought in at the same time. He was a tiny little guy. He was adopted at 8 week old but returned shortly after. And I couldn't be happier! he is now 14 lbs, and my pudgy little babe. (I can't find the pic of him when he was 4 weeks old. )

Gordito now, with his two adoptive brothers.
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Bless all your hearts for taking these babies into your loving homes
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Here's my baby Limerick!!!

A few days after I got him. He loved to walk to the keyboard, so Jon desided to teach him to type.

He's a huge WVU fan too

Here he is onmy dresser. I don't know how he got up there.
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Such beautiful (and lucky) babies, everyone!!
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Here are mine:

Joshua I adopted in February 2005 at the Humane Society. His previous owner had a whole bunch of stray cats - all unneutered males - and brought them all to the Humane Society.
Poor Joshua did not do well at the shelter. While most other cats would greet visitors with meows, rubbing agains the cage, etc. Joshua just stayed in the back of his cage looking sad. At first I thought he just didn't like people but then I opened his cage to pet him and he turned on his back for a tummy rub. How could I leave him there after that?
He turned out to be a very sweet and happy kitty... but still insecure and suffers from separation anxiety.

Kinah I got in June to keep Joshua company. She was 6 months old and came to the shelter as a stray. She just seemed so happy when I picked her up. She was never scared of me.
Later, I discovered that she is very scared of strangers. I guess she had just decided from the start that I wasn't a stranger
Her and Joshua just loved each other from the start and Kinah can never get enough snuggling, kisses and hugs. Such a sweety!
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Pandora is my shelter kitty. I met her foster mommy when I was at the shelter and she told me Pandora was found outside and was very tiny and needed lots of extra TLC. It paid off because she is just too sweet! She was only 8 weeks when I got her, but now she's 6 months. She's a very tiny kitty for her age, but that's a good thing because she likes to sleep on my head at night and walk across hubby's face in the morning! She is a doll!!!
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How old is she now?

Originally Posted by kluchetta

I don't have lots of photos of Tigger, she always looks grumpy.

We got Tigger almost 2 years ago from a no-kill shelter when she was 14 - no one else wanted such an old kitty. Her owner had died and had 10 cats. Tigger was tired of the 10 cat scene!
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Originally Posted by Leto86
Gordito now, with his two adoptive brothers.
You're kitties are all sooo cute! I love the Poptart baby pic. Are Orion and Nacho brothers? They look so much alike!
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Sophie Grace (formerly Tootsie) was adopted from Waggin' Tails Animal Shelter. We had just lost Sunni and I couldn't bear the silence of the house without a cat in it. This is Sophie the day we brought her home. She was 8 weeks old:

And this is Sophie now, at 6 months:

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We adpoted our babies from the Winnebago County Animal Shelter in July 05

Lombardi and Jaiden now at 5 months

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