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what could be wrong?

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My 5 year old black DAH male is normally a very energetic cat. He was the runt of the litter so he's not very heavy but he's very agile and wirey. He likes to jump to high places in the house, and intimidate my cats who are much larger. The last couple days he's been spitting saliva. Not like he's throwing up because he's eating fine, but like he's got something in his mouth and is trying to get rid of it. I checked his teeth and didn't really see anything. Could it be a bad tooth? Also, his meow isn't as loud as it normally is, it's more raspy, so I'm thinking maybe a sore throat? He'll be sleeping, then suddenly get up and jump down and wretch spit on the floor, then he's fine. We're taking him to the vet later today, but I'm wondering what might be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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I would have gone to the vet quicker- I hope he will be okay.
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Well, it was just a kitty cold. Vet did blood work, all normal. He came back from the vet and was almost normal, and today is 100%. Now 2 of my other ones have the same problem, raspy voice, spitting saliva. Vet said it's probably a 'tickle' in the throat. He said it's most likely a virus and will go away in a few days. He was right.
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I hope your cat gets well soon. Good luck with the others.
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I`d never heard of the excess saliva like that during a cold before....I hope all of your kitties get well soon!
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