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Cat tumor or abscess ?? .. worried!

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This is my first post to this board, so Hello to everyone from myself (Mike), and my Cat, "KGB".

KGB is 9.5 years old, a DSH Tabby, and one of the most friendliest cats you will ever meet. He loves everyone, and purrs constantly.

Here is the problem right now. I have a chair next to my desk, that the cat sits/sleeps on when I am on the PC. He will sit and look at me, and I pet him over the head/neck all the time when he sits there. Its a good "inspection" time for me, to make sure there are no mats in the fur, fleas, or anything else that might be wrong.

Monday, I noticed he was very lethargic, and sleeping on rug in kitchen, which he never does. I didnt think much at first, because we have a new HVAC system, with a heater vent near where he was in the kitchen.

Tuesday was sort of normal, nothing "real" unusual. He was a big love-bug, a little more than normal.

Wednesday when petting him in chair, I noticed a BIG lump on the side of his neck. It was not soft, and not warm (the signs of an abcess). I took him to vet, and checked out. He tested negative for FHIV and Leukemia, and they took sample from lump to see what it was. There was not much pus, and some cells in the sample. It was sent off to a lab, and should have results monday.

Doctor says there is 50/50 chance it could be tumor, but he just doenst know for sure, as he said tumors shouldnt grow that big, that fast. They gave him shot of antibiotics, and some Omoxicillin liquid to take home.

Now he IS acting sick (I am sure antibiotics have a LOT to do with that), and am very saddened by his lack of well-being. He is still eating somewhat normal, and drinking water, but very very, lethargic and tired. The lump has not changed at all. I have been putting a warm compress on it 3x a day, to try to bring any infection to the surface, if it is an infection.

I need some advice/encouragement from anyone who has dealt with this, as I am having trouble dealing with the grief I am experiencing right now, as I hate to see him be ill like this.

I am praying for news that he might be Ok, but am mentally preparing myself for what may come next.

He is my best friend, and I am worried sick.

<< He has always been up to date on shots, and has always eaten Science Diet Cat foods .. He has always been a heavier cat, weighing in between 15-16lbs .. 75% indoor/25% outdoor >>
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How big is the lump? Were you able to see the substance that came out of it? It could by a cyst. My cat has one on his back. It is semi-soft (not as soft as an abscess) but not warm and not bothersome to the touch. Beng at the vet can be stressful, and he could have picked up a kitty cold while he was there. Make sure to keep him eating and keep any eye on any changes in stool or urine outputs. Try to hope for the best while preparing for the worst. It may be a simple cyst. I will be sending you some good vibes.
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Oh Mike....I`m sorry KGB is not feeling well and that you are so stressed about it....but i`d feel the same way if it were one of my "boys" too.
I don`t have any words of advise or have a clue what could be the problem with him...but I want you to know that I care and am praying for him and the outcome. I`ll be waiting to hear what the vet has to say when he gets the results back. Did he say when he expected to know anything?....I guess I would have to agree that it would seems almost impossible to me to think that a tumor could grow that fast ...(and even if so not all tumors are serious you know!) Hopefully it is a cyst or an infection coming to a head that the antibotic will take care of.
We`ll be waiting to hear back from you....and , by the way....WELCOME to you and KGB to TCS!
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I to agree a tumor usually would not appear that fast. Also the symptoms would not start all of a sudden either. The tiredness and sleeping in a nor the normal place..Probably a abcess. Did they take his temp? Often with a abcess they are running a small to moderate fever. And that always makes a cat more lethargic and tired. It takes 24 hours for the antibiotics to kick in and start working. So if it is some type of infection you should start noticing some improvement. Still eating and drinking is a good sign.
Keep up the good thoughts.Sending good vibes to your kitty. Let us know how it turns out.
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Have got my fingers crossed for him. My male cat had a lump on his side last year, and I spent the night before the visit crying into his fur as I thought the worst, and it turned out to be a fatty lump, that only needed removing if it got bigger, it didn't bother him in the slightest. I think they are common in overweight cats, so fingers crossed that is all it is.
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I hadn't even though about lipomas (fatty lumps). My parents' dog had one for years under his armpit and it never bothered him. Again, my kitties and I will be wishing you and KGB happy test results.
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Its Saturday, I dont get results back til Monday afternoon.

Cat seems to be doing Ok, doing his normal daily routine. The Clavamox though is making him have some nasty diarrhea, which is bad enough he doesnt want to soil his litterbox (wants outside).

Lump is about the same size, and there is no pain associated with it.

Along with the Clavamox, I have been putting a warm compress over the lump, to see if I can draw anything to the surface (abscess), but no results.

He is sleeping in some different locations where he normally doesnt sleep. Usually when I go to bed, he follows me in, and sleeps at end of bed next to window. He has been sleeping on rug in kitchen, or on bed in spare bedroom.

He was outside this morning though, playing and rolling around in the grass, which was good to see.

Will update on monday.

Thanks for all the thoughts, I really appreciate it!
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Could it be a swollen lymph node? My cat had a lump (on her lower tummy) that I thought was cancerous and it turned out to be a swollen lymph node (from valley fever). You can go here: to see the location of the various lymph nodes in cats to see if your cat's lump is somewhere near where one of the lymph nodes are.
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Mike I am sorry to hear KGB is poorly (beautiful cat by the way!) - my cat, along with all his other problems, has an abcess at the base of his tail - it is n't warm or soft and I cannot see any puss or anything, but antibiotics do seem to be getting rid of fingers crossed for KGB!
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Hoping for good results on Monday and that it is not too serious a problem
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I hope everything goes ok....
I was wondering though if he has had vaccines lately? Vaccines can cause a lump that may or may not go away, and can turn into a vaccine related sarcoma. (cancer tumor)
It could be an abcess from a bite, do you have other pets? Does this cat go outside at all? You won;t necessarily see a puncture wound if it has abcessed and swollen over. Hopefully the clavamox does the trick. It could also be a swollen gland, the vet might want to take blood to run titers to see if he has been exposed to a virus.
Good luck!
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The Clavamox today (Sunday), has caused him to have some very bad diahrrea, and he does not feel good.

I might go to the vet to see if there is another antibiotic that doesnt upset his insides as much as the Clavamox does. Is this common?
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Went by the Vet today (Sunday), and switched Antibiotics to Cefadroxil. (Orange Liquid).

Hopefully, this will be easier on KGB's stomach.

Lump is same size, has not got bigger since last wednesday, or smaller.

Test results tomorrow morning. I am praying for the best. He is definitely not himself, but some of that may have been the Clavamox upsetting his stomach.
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Good news!

Its not a tumor, or cancerous.

Cant repeat what doctor told me over the phone, but it is a harmless cyst that could be fatty tissue/inflamation of lymph node.

I will update as soon as I take cat in for checkup on wednesday.

I think I will go ahead and have it removed surgically, and get his teeth cleaned at same time.

KGB, and I thank you for your thoughts/prayers!
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I am so relieved for you two! How is KGB feeling otherwise? The antibiotics still bothering his tummy?
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