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My new kitten has diahrrea :(

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So it seems like I've had so many problems with this new kitten I have. And now on top of the list she has diahrrea. Last night she wasn't missing the litter box but I moved her to the kitchen anyways, and then today she missed the litter box completely and stepped in it everywhere so I had to clean her up and it wasn't that bad but I decided to look at her butt and it didn't look to good and when I went to pat it with a kleenex to clean it up since she wasn't licking it she let out the worst cry it made me feel so bad. But the worst part is my parent's won't be able to take her to the vet until the first to get her checked out and get her check up for everything and I don't know what I can do for her to maybe ease her pain or anything because she's become way more vocal and wants to be with me 24/7 and I can't because I have things to do around the house and I don't know if it's because she's in pain or not.
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Cats can dehydrate very quickly, and this can be fatal, especially since kittens are so very fragile. Cats don't show pain the way humans do, so you may never know how badly off she is until it's too late to do anything about it. I would try to convince your parents to let you bring the cat in now, as delaying treatment could be lethal for your kitty--you might point out to your parents that, by waiting, they could end up costing themselves more money at the vet's office, as your kitten's condition deteriorates. At the VERY least, CALL your vet and describe your kitten's symptoms.
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You really have to find a way to get your kitten to a vet. Whatever the problem is could get serious if not treated. Your kitten is too small to wait. If it is for financial reasons, call around and see if a vet will help out, or maybe take a postdated check. Call the local Humane Society and ask for a # of a low cost vet. I have a low cost vet that only charges $10 for an office visit.
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Also if you have to wipe her little butt, use a moist kleenex so it won't be as painful/uncomfortable.

Poor wee thing really needs to see the doctor asap.
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Yes! PLEASE try to convince your parents of the seriousness of this and to take the kitty to the vet. The vet may let you come in now and pay the bill after the 1st if you ask when you call (That is only a few days away) You sure don`t want to take a chance on losing your kitten....and when they are little they can get sick and die pretty easy. I`m not trying to scare you, but am trying to be truthful with you .
It could be something as simple as needing to be treated for worms, which a lot of kittens do have, but is not too expensive to treat. It will cost them more $ if they wait and your kitty developes an infection or worse.
Let us know when you are able to get your kitten treated and what the vet has to say.
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My kitten always has enough food and water so I'm not worried of her getting dehydrated. She's been sleeping a lot today though and hasn't been playing too much and just likes talking. But I called my parents and we're either taking her today if my dad gets home in time from work or tomorrow. I'm hoping this is do to stress and a new environment. If she has a parasite or worms can they be passed to any of the other dogs in the house?
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Originally Posted by nosilla
If she has a parasite or worms can they be passed to any of the other dogs in the house?
Yes, quite easily.
Originally Posted by nosilla
My kitten always has enough food and water so I'm not worried of her getting dehydrated
Just having enough food and water available isn't enough to prevent dehydration. I'd be rather alarmed if she's as lethargic as you describe.
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I second that she could be very dehydrated even if still drinking and eating.
I had a small pup go through this once and he deteriorated literally over a few hours.
I didn't know what was wrong until I got him to the vet and they put him on an IV.
Please get this baby in to the vet. I hope everything works out!!
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We talked to our vet tonight and told her everything and she told us to bottle feed her kittie milk since we really don't know how old our kitten is but supposedly she is 8 weeks old but is really tiny. So the vet thinks that she's not weaned or something and it's really stressful and everything, but we're taking her in tomorrow morning and having her checked out to make sure everything is normal. Thank you for everything I really appreciate it for the help today
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I don't think milk replacer is the answer, but hopefully it will keep her hydrated. I just hope it doesn't make the diarreah worse. The kitten is probably infested with parasites. Worms can cause this, but it sounds like your kitten has coccidia and or giardia and needs to be dewormed, and treated with medications for coccidia and giardia as soon as possible. I hope everything goes ok, please let us know how she does
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